Features & Benefits

Pets do not effectively communicate pain, sickness or discomfort and therefore health problems often remain hidden. PetPace enables early detection of disease and other health issues, improves clinical outcome, enhances quality of life and significantly reduces health-related costs.


  • Single push-button interface
  • LED indications
  • IP-67 water & dust resistance
  • Shockproof and ruggedized for outdoor use
  • Dimensions: (electronics case) 40x35x15mm
  • Weight: 43gr
  • Battery: LiPo 250mAh, for over 6 weeks between recharges
  • Adjustable strap, available in 3 sizes: S,M,L
  • Fits pets over 8 lbs
  • Rechargeable collar


  • LED indications
  • Standard micro-USB connector for power
  • Ethernet 10/100 BASE-T
  • Single gateway can serve up to 30 collars
  • Dimensions: 78x60x51mm
  • Weight: 62g