• The grief that follows the loss of a pet can be very difficult to overcome. Memorialize a beloved companion who has passed on, or help friends and family deal with the loss of their pets, with a combination of earthly and spiritual practices.


    Host a Timely Memorial Service


    PetMD suggests owners can bring friends and family together for a memorial that lets everyone share stories of the beloved pet and spend time around others who share the same grief. A timely memorial service reminds others of everyone who the pet’s presence impacted in a positive way.

    Pay Love Forward to a New Companion


    Remember the love showed by a lost loved one, and share it with a new addition. Animals in need of rescue wait for someone who can give them the love they need.

    Plant a Memorial Tree


    A memorial tree planted near the stone marks the passage of time and reminds us all to continue growing. Pick a tree, shrub or bush that represents the nature of the pet.

    Frame a Favored Picture


    A picture of the time you shared can also bring back those familiar and important memories. Frame one and place it in a meaningful location next to a bed or on a wall beside family portraits.