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We’ve all been there: you return home after a day/night out to find a trail of torn clothes. Or maybe it’s the throw pillow, swiped from your bed. Or perhaps it’s your favorite pair of shoes. And right besides the mess sits your dog, pulling his most innocent face, as if to say, “I have no idea how this happened!”

Dog Loves To Chew

Let’s face it: dogs chew. And it’s totally natural. But before you let your pup tear apart anything he can get his paws on, it’s important to make sure he’s safe. Here are 10 things your dog loves to chew, but absolutely shouldn’t:

1. Wood

Dog Loves To Chew

Dogs love twigs, sticks, and branches, but they’re not so safe to chew. The same goes for wooden furniture. Wood can splinter, getting stuck in the gums, and cause infection. Or worse, sharp pieces can puncture the stomach or intestines causing severe damage.


Dog Loves To Chew


Here’s What To Do When Your Dog Eats Something They Shouldn’t


2. Small Things

Dog Loves To Chew

Rocks, golf balls… anything that can be swallowed will be. In many cases, the object in question will come out the other end. But sometimes, swallowed objects can get stuck, causing dangerous intestinal blockage and requiring surgical removal. That’s why you should also keep your pup away from shoes. They look tough and durable, but they’re made of lots of small things, like eyelets and laces, that can seriously injure your dog’s digestion.

3. Plastic Bottles

Dog Loves To Chew

Feel free to let your dog fetch that disposable plastic bottle…but only after you dog-proof it. Make sure to remove the label, cap, and plastic ring (you know, the ring around the top) to minimize choking risks.

4. Mulch

Dog Loves To Chew

You know those small bits of wood used to fill a playground or a garden? Your dog might love to chew on them, but he definitely, absolutely shouldn’t. Those chips are often made from cocoa shells, which is very toxic to dogs.

5. Walls

Dog Loves To Chew

If you live in an old home, there’s a chance the paint on your walls could be lead-based. Lead toxicity is very very dangerous – for dogs and humans alike.

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7 Signs Your Dog Is In Pain And Trying To Hide It

Dog Loves To Chew
International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management has deemed September Animal Pain Awareness Month. With the campaign slogan, “Their Pain Is Our Pain” vets are hoping to spread awareness about how our pets let us know they are in pain. When it comes to dogs, pain can be hard to detect. For dog’s wolf ancestors, showing signs of weakness made a wolf vulnerable, and being vulnerable was dangerous. Therefore, it’s in a dog’s nature to not purposefully reveal when they are feeling hurt, sick, or injured. Which is why it’s important for dog owners to be on the look out, and recognize the signs that signifies their dog is in pain.
1. Gait – Changes in a dog’s walk, like limping, hobbling or favoring one leg over another, is a good indication that something is hurting your pet.

Dog Loves To Chew

Source: SodaHead
2. Energy – If your dog is acting more lethargic than usual it may mean he or she isn’t feeling well.
3. Appetite – A dog disinterested in food either means the dog is sick, or hell has frozen over.
4. Eyes – Puppy dog eyes can do more than trick a couple of treats out of a pet owner, they can also be very telling. Bloodshot and dilated or constricted pupils can be a sign something is awry. A dog in pain also tends to squint a lot.
5. Demeanor – Some dogs can become defensive when they are hurting. If an otherwise friendly, well-behaved pup is snaps at you, you may want to take him or her to the vet to get checked out.
6. Breath – Fast, shallow breaths or excessive panting for no discernible reason could be a sign your dog isn’t feeling well.

Dog Loves To Chew

Source: Examiner
7. Posture – If a dog is hunching over, fidgety, or particularly rigid it may mean they aren’t feeling well.
Trust your gut and be sensitive to your pup. Noticing when your pup is in pain, and taking him or her to the vet could be the difference between life and death for your pet.

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