5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Pet Sitter

Serena Faber Nelson

A holiday is approaching you’ve planned, paid and packed but then you remember, what about your dog?

You’ve considered your options and decided dog minding in the family home is the best option to look after your fur-baby whilst you’re away. 

But how do you find a pet sitter that your pooch is going to love?

We’ve put together these tips with a little help from the team at FindADogMinder, a pet care marketplace connecting dog owners with pet sitters all over Australia.

Got the holiday booked but need someone to look after your fur-baby? Here's 5 Tips you need to know to find the perfect pet sitter.

First up, ask yourself these questions:

>>> Do you want your minder to be close to your home or office?

>>> Does your dog require a large yard or is space less important?

>>> Is it okay if your minder has a dog of their own?

>>> How much exercise will your pooch require?

The more you know what you want from a pet sitter is a step closer to finding the perfect match!

Location May Be Key

If you’re a regular traveller then finding a carer close to home or work may be important, however if you’re happy to drive a little further, than it could mean your options become greater.

Keep your Options Open

Chat with at least two, and ideally three different minders. You’ll quick get a feel for which one best suits your fur child and will make the final decision much easier.

Don’t hesitate to mention any specific needs such as medication.

Meet & Greet Your Pet Sitter

Meeting the minder before you travel is paramount. It gives you peace of mind in knowing that your dog will be in good hands as well as allowing your pooch to become familiar with his new surrounds.

It also makes drop-off day hassle-free as all your questions have been answered and you can worry about making your flight on time!

Maintain Routine

Dogs are creatures of habit and nothing can be more disturbing then changing their routine.

If your pooch is used to regular twice-daily walks for example then ensure your minder is able to offer this.

The same goes with diet, ensuring your dog’s diet remains unchanged when he is on holiday will ensure he is content and belly-ache free.

Keep In Touch

Your dog minder should offer regular updates whilst you’re away be it via email, SMS or minder and pooch selfie!


Going away soon?

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Happy Travels!

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