Moving can be stressful. You have to pack everything to make sure nothing breaks, fit boxes and furniture into the truck snugly, and prepare for hours in a car with children and your pets. Moving is stressful for your pets, too, because they don’t realize what’s going on. All they see is their home going through drastic changes. Make moving with your pet easier with these handy tips.



Fit your pets, cats or dogs, with collars and ID tags. A microchip is a back-up in case someone gets lost or accidentally runs away during a potty break.

Know Before You Go


Research pet regulations before you arrive at your destination. Dogs may require ID tags under city law, or your new landlord may have size requirements or require a pet deposit.

Find a New Vet


Shop around for a new vet before your move. Find reviews on the internet or ask fellow pet owners for advice.

Compile Medical Records


Get your pet’s medical records and ask your vet for travel tips during your pet’s final appointment. Store the medical records in a secure place in the moving truck or your personal vehicle.



Identify pet-friendly places to stay along your route if it takes more than one day to travel to where you’re going. Fido and Fifi should get to stay in your hotel room, too.

Secured During Packing


Keep pets crated or secured in a room while packing the moving van. This keeps cats and dogs from getting in the way when they are nervous. Don’t forget to check on them every once in a while for food and potty breaks.

Potty Breaks


For long trips, provide potty breaks and plenty of water. Consider stopping at rest areas every two hours for a stretch break. Your pet doesn’t like the cramped quarters of your vehicle any more than you do for extended periods of time.

Secured in Vehicle


Transport all pets in a well-ventilated pet carrier. Larger dogs just need a leash with the appropriate harness. Keep your dog safe with one of these comfy, air-mesh body harnesses.