What is the expected lifetime of the PetPace Collar?

The expected lifetime of the PetPace Collar is approximately 5 years.

Who provides customer support to owners when using the veterinary professional collar in outpatient mode?

Pet owners using collars on loan from their veterinarians will contact PetPace for all technical or service related questions.

Can I plug the Gateway directly into the computer?

It is important NOT to plug the Ethernet cable from the Gateway directly to a computer. The Gateway needs to...

Can I keep the PetPace collar on the patient while undergoing surgery?

Yes, the PetPace collar may remain on the patient during surgery UNLESS during use of electrocautery equipment as it may damage...

How do I know if the Gateway is working?

Once the PetPace Gateway is connected to both power and Ethernet, and communication is made with the Collar, all LED’s...