I can’t see my patient’s data on the Veterinary Professional web application.

If there is any malfunction, regarding partial data appearing on the website, no data at all, or anything else, please...

The PetPace collar has been charged and it shows a green light. Why does it still reflect a low charge on the Veterinary Professional web application?

After assigning a PetPace collar to a new patient, or after the webpage is refreshed, the updated battery life information...

Why is no data displayed on the dashboard immediately after the PetPace collar has been assigned?

It may take up to 15 minutes before data will be displayed on the dashboard after the collar is assigned.

What happens if the owner does not bring the PetPace collar back after the loaned time period?

It is possible for a veterinary hospital ask for a deposit before sending the PetPace system with a client for...

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