PetPace has partnered with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance through a shared commitment to pet health.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is offered by Hartville Pet Insurance Group, one of the oldest and largest providers of pet insurance in the U.S. Pet insurance is designed to help your clients with the costs of veterinary care so they can follow your recommendations for treatment with less financial concern.

What is PetPace?

PetPace’s unique smart wearable tech collar continuously and non-invasively collects and analyzes data relating to pet physiology and behavior, measuring:


Monitor body temperature – detect fever, heat stroke, hypothermia, etc.


Monitor heart rate – identify high and low pulse rates and irregularities.


Monitor respiratory rate to identify unhealthy changes.


Monitor your pet’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals.


Monitor the body posture of your pet and follow trends to identify pain, recovery from injuries, and more.


Track calories burned and help in weight loss programs and prevent obesity.

Case Studies

The PetPace Collar in Action: Quantifying Activity and Caloric Needs

Dottie, a 16lb, five-year-old spayed female Boston Terrier, was boarding at VetCare Harris Animal Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Her caregivers at the hospital noticed a gradual weight loss during her stay, despite her good health.


Petpace Collar Assesses Pain, Monitors Recovery of Cat Following Surgical Eye Removal

Ben, a 10-year-old, 6-kilogram neutered male indoor Domestic Long Hair cat, was brought to Fergus Veterinary Hospital in Fergus, ON, Canada, with a severe eye injury. The cat’s left eye was protruding from its socket, ruptured, blinded and damaged beyond repair.


Petpace Collar Detects Impending Canine Heart Failure, Monitors Treatment Response

Lucas, a 10-year-old neutered male Beagle, suffers from Chronic Valvular Heart Disease (CVHD). He is treated with Benazepril and has been wearing the PetPace smart collar long-term to monitor his condition.


Implementation Program

PetPace professionals help you implement the PetPace system in your clinic, providing you with ongoing support at no extra cost to your collar bundle package.

Why PetPace for Inpatients?

  • Finger on the pulse
  • Monitor TPR continuously without patient manipulation or adding to staff workload
  • Every second counts
  • Immediate alerts to your smartphone or clinic dashboard if TPR values change
  • More control, less invasive
  • For fractious or aggressive patients, limits handling, stress and risk to staff without compromising care
  • Enhance practice diagnostics
  • Consistent practice-wide use of PetPace provides valuable clinical insights

Why PetPace for Outpatients?

Pet owners can also use the PetPace mobile app to track their pet’s health while using the PetPace collar.

  • Closer follow-up
  • Ideal for at-home post-surgery, post-hospitalization, or at-risk patient monitoring
  • Better case management
  • Immediate alerts to owner’s smartphone if problems develop
  • Non-invasive
  • Eliminates need for extraneous owner handling, lowering risk and stress
  • Extends reach
  • Updated, accurate, reliable data helps evaluate progress and response to treatment, as well as providing valuable practicewide clinical insights

Why PetPace for Lifetime Pet Home Monitoring?

  • Better diagnostic reach
  • Ongoing home monitoring can help detect disease and other health issues early on, positively affecting prognosis
  • Long-term follow-up
  • Ideal for pets with chronic diseases or at-risk animals
  • Keep in touch
  • Ongoing monitoring engages owners, strengthening relationships and growing loyalty

How It Works

Step 1

Simply place the PetPace collar on your pet.

Step 2

Your pet’s health and activity data is transmitted from the PetPace collar to the PetPace Gateway.

Step 3

From the PetPace Gateway, the data is sent securely to our cloud database.

Step 4

You and your veterinarian can access the information and critical health alerts directly via the PetPace Smartphone app.

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