Boy’s service dog saved by smart tech

Use of smart phone connected PetPace smart collar alerted service dog’s owner to impending cardiac episode


Boy's service dog saved by smart techSACRAMENTO, Calif. – A boy’s service dog is alive and well after a revolutionary technology alerted his father to a medical emergency the dog was experiencing.

While out on a date on Mar. 5, Michael Harr-Trueblood received an alert on his smartphone notifying him that his son’s service dog LeiLoni, a 7-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, was having a cardiac episode caused by a
preexisting heart valve condition. He immediately rushed home to help.

When I received the alert, all I could think to do was get there to help her. Before I even reached my door, I received a call from a veterinarian, he explained exactly what to do to treat her condition when I got home. said Michael Harr-Trueblood.

Trueblood was notified of the emergency because LeiLoni was wearing a PetPace smart collar. The device allows pet owners to continuously monitor and analyze their pet’s vital signs and activity directly from a mobile device. Trackable vital signs include temperature, pulse, respiration, heart rate variability (HRV), activity levels, positions, calories and more.

Boy's service dog saved by smart tech

PetPace allows pet owners to set and track activity and calories goals, while remotely monitoring vital signs and other health attributes, sending immediate alerts, when necessary, directly to a smartphone. Health data recorded by the collar can also be shared with a pet’s primary care veterinarian, allowing them to better understand a pet’s overall health or receive notifications in an emergency.
It is just comforting to know that even when I am away from LeiLoni that I can make sure she is okay, said Trueblood. Whether you have a healthy pet or an unhealthy pet this technology is essential for any pet owner who wants peace of mind.

According to a recent survey, four out of five veterinarians recommend a health monitoring collar like PetPace. Using advanced health monitoring devices allow pet owners to quickly identify impending health concerns, monitor existing medical conditions and learn more about their pet’s daily habits.

About PetPace

PetPace creates innovative technology that delivers peace of mind to pet owners. Our smart IoT pet collar continuously monitors the wellbeing of elderly, sick, healthy, and at-risk dogs and cats, alerting caregivers remotely and immediately of changes in key health parameters. In the home or in the clinic, PetPace leverages data gathered non-intrusively from onboard passive sensors and advanced cloud-based analytics to keep all pets healthier and happier.

Founded in 2012 and privately-held, PetPace is headquartered in Israel, has a US office in Burlington, MA, and a global sales presence. For more information, please visit

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