PetPace Collar 2.0 - Smart Health Collar


Boston Business Journal / BY David Harris A new smart collar from a Burlington company aims to monitor your pet’s vital signs. The new “smart collar” from PetPace, which was founded in 2012, incorporates miniature sensors that “seamlessly, non-invasively, and automatically” monitor vital signs like temperature, pulse, and respiration. In addition, it can track activity patterns, positions, calories, pain, heart rate variability, and other patterns. The tech collar will be initially available in Florida and Massachusetts and later this summer in the rest of the country, the company said.
PetPace currently has 15 employees in total, with a small portion of those workers in Burlington and the rest in a research and development office in Israel. The collars cost $150 to purchase and the service is provided for $15 a month. The collar is complemented by an iOS and Android app that allows owners to view their pet’s vital signs. PetPace has received “less than $10 million” in funding from investors including Burlington-based venture fund Kormeli, which is led Avner Schneur, the former CEO of software firm Emptoris Inc., according to PetPace CEO Avi Menkes. “This technology is going to get smarter and smarter,” Menkes said when asked about what’s next. “There’s more to come.”