There’s a saying in veterinary circles that Common things are common.” For pet health the most common dog diseases range from the itchiness of skin disease through to life-threatening bloat. But what holds true for all common dog illnesses is that the sooner they receive treatment, the sooner your canine companion is back bouncing in good health. This is exactly where PetPace plays a vital role.



PetPace is like a tiny vet tech, constantly monitoring your dog’s temperature, respiratory and heart rates, activity levels and more. When PetPace detects abnormal activity, such as strange clusters of activity (as might happen with a seizure), raised respiratory rate (from the stress of bloat), or erratic heart beat (monitoring heart disease) it sends an alert to your smart phone.

A glance at the PetPace graphic and you’ll know what position your pet is in, and whether they are pacing or sleeping peacefully. This can put your mind at ease, helping you decide whether veterinary attention is needed

PetPace both identifies and detects the signs of common dog diseases early, even when you’re not at home. Seeking veterinary attention at the first signs of trouble not only saves your pet distress, but also helps your pet get better more quickly.