How Petpace may help with pet epilepsy

The PetPace collar may help in monitoring epilepsy in pets by continuously tracking attributes that are likely to show changes when a seizure is occurring.

Epilepsy: Sudden and Scary

As pet owners know all too well, caring for a dog or cat with epilepsy is stressful and at times scary. Try as you might, you cannot watch your pet constantly, and your dog or cat cannot tell you when a seizure is imminent or when one has just occurred. Consequently, up to now it has been nearly impossible to predict the onset of an incident, assess the severity of the condition or know when to make changes in treatment.

Real-Time Alerts of Vital Signs and Behavior

Stay One Step Ahead with PetPace
Before and during an epileptic seizure, it is common to see changes in vital signs and behavior patterns. By providing immediate alerts of a potential problem, PetPace allows you to take the necessary action to treat an epileptic dog or cat.

Monitoring vital signs for epilepsy

PetPace constantly monitors a range of vital signs, including pulse, respiration, heart-rate variability, temperature, as well as activity levels and even body positions, and provides real-time alerts to your Smartphone when it detects something out of the ordinary.
And by constantly monitoring and recording physical and behavioral data, PetPace gives you and your vet detailed information to assess an incident and make changes in treatment to improve your pet’s health and quality of life.