How do I generate patient reports?

Generating reports, one of the unique and powerful features of the PetPace system, can be done by clicking Download” on the right side of the menu bar. From the dropdown list choose the report you want to view and it will open as a .pdf file, which you can save or print. If you would like a report with a specific date range, please click on the calendar icon which will allow you to choose a start and end date for the report. 

  • Waiting room – use this report to produce a quick reading of vital signs while the patient waits to be seen by the doctor. This will save the staff the need to restraint the animal to take the measurements, and is sure to keep both owner and pet happier.
  • Pet Health Report – choose a range of dates and generate a comprehensive Pet Health Report for that period of time. The Pet Health Report includes many detailed charts delineating trends and insights from the data collected over time.
  • Dashboard  – this feature creates a printer-friendly version of the charts currently displayed in the patient dashboard. You can add this printout to the patient’s record, hang it on the patient’s cage, or share it with the owner.
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