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  5. I connected the PetPace collar to the charger but the collar won’t charge
  • Follow the instructions on the Quick Installation Guide to connect the charger to the collar. The collar should display a steady orange light while charging and a steady green light when charging is complete.
  • Make sure that the brass pins on the charger are aligned with the connectors on the inside of the collar.
  • Inspect the connectors socket on the inside of the collar for dirt or fur. You can easily clean the socket with an alcohol soaked q-tip.
  • The wings of the charger must both snap into place in the grooves on both sides of the collar. The charger should hold firmly on the collar.
  • It is sometimes necessary to jiggle the collar a bit or push it firmly into the charger to achieve good contact.
  • Make sure the orange LED on the collar stays on AFTER you place the collar on the charger, as sometimes the charger may get loose from the impact of a drop on the counter.

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