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The Professional Veterinary version of the PetPace collar can be used in a variety of situations to improve Continuous Companion Visibility and client engagement.

  • The collar can be used on pets in the reception area while waiting for the doctor to be seen.  After wearing the PetPace collar for 10 minutes a report may be printed detailing the pet’s TPR and HRV.
  • It also may be used for monitoring pets hospitalized for treatment of medical conditions or after surgical procedures. Alerts will be sent if a patient’s condition deteriorates.
  • The collar may be also be used for overnight monitoring or for boarding pets, to provide owners and veterinarians with the peace of mind that these pets are not left unattended, even if the hospital closes for the night.
  • In addition, the collar may be used as an at-home monitor post surgery and post medical treatment to monitor the pet’s recovery, pain, complications, and response to treatment.
  • The collar may be used as part of a periodic health evaluation by lending it to a client for 1-2 weeks to complement an annual exam or senior wellness check.

The PetPace collar provides an unprecedented level of care by allowing veterinarians to monitor patients in the hospital or at home.

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