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The PetPace system can be used by both pet owners and veterinarians. Pet Owners: Continuous Companion Visibility 1.     Ongoing health and wellness monitoring for quality of life improvement 2.     Timely detection of acute health conditions (e.g. heat stroke) 3.     Early detection of chronic conditions (e.g. heart disease) 4.     Close monitoring of pets with existing medical problems (e.g. congestive heart failure) 5.     Detection and monitoring of behavior problems (e.g. separation anxiety) Veterinarians: Continuous Patient Visibility 1.     Waiting room reports 2.     Intensive monitoring of hospitalized patients 3.     Periodic health assessment of pets 4.     Database research and population statistics 5.     Monitoring compliance and response to medical and/or surgical treatment 6.    Close follow-up of patients at home

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