Pamper your kitty using pet-smart Israeli technology

While cats continue to rule the Internet with their cute videos, they’re also clawing their way into the billion-dollar pet pampering market. According to the 2015-16 American Pet Product Association National Pet Owners Survey, U.S. citizens have 312.1 million pets — including 85.8 million cats and 77.8 million dogs. Entrepreneurs continue to come up with high-tech pet technologies, clever cat supplies and newfangled ways to pamper four-legged family members. Seven Israeli companies are jockeying with their technologies and services for a cut of the $60 billion that Americans spend on their pets annually. PetPace’s connected pet collar uses non-invasive sensors to monitor data including body temperature, pulse, respiration rate, activity level and movement throughout the day. If the collar detects any abnormalities, an alert is sent in real-time to the pet owners and veterinarians. PetPace was named Israel’s most promising startup in a 2015 competition.   Link: