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Orivet Algorithmic Genetic Risk Analysis & Life Schedule

Orivet’s patented algorithm combines disease incidence and severity data with an individual’s genetic makeup and signalment data (e.g. age, weight and sex) to build a unique personal health risk profile.

Incidence information is compiled from various resources including our extensive database, published veterinary scientific literature, OFA, insurance claims records etc and is recorded for each breed and geographic location. The analysis report lists the 10 most relevant diseases ranked for any given individual. Diseases are scored based on incidence and severity. Specific screening tools are listed along with signs to look out for in each of those. A life time schedule is included which can be shared with your veterinarian.

Note: breed makeup must be known in order to generate a risk analysis report. A mixed breed identification DNA test can be performed to determine the genetic breed composition of any mixed breed dog. This information can than be used to generate a risk analysis report.

Genetic Attribute Profile

This is a collection of dozens of individual DNA tests, some for disease genes and some for body characteristics (e.g., coat color, coat texture, etc.). This profile actually maps the pet’s DNA looking for known mutations that cause documented diseases. Results are reported as Clear (no abnormal mutation), Carrier (one copy of the mutated gene), or Affected (both copies of the gene are mutated. Detailed explanations of the results are included in this report. This profile also includes the algorithmic risk analysis if the breed make up of this dog is known.

Mixed-Breed ID Profile

This is a DNA test for mixed-breed animals that suggests which breeds have gone into the mix. This particular test estimates which breeds are the most likely contributors to that specific mixed-breed pet. The test mapped thousands of genetic markets and compares them to the same markers in over 270 pure breed dogs. The closest statistical model with the highest values predicts the most likely parent breeds for that individual dog.

Combining genetic risk analysis with your smart collar creates an unparalleled abillity for the prediction, prevention and timely detection of medical conditions throughout the lifetime of your pet.

Together, these powerful tools can significantly improve health outcomes for your pet resulting in a longer, healthier life.
Pets, like people, inherit physical and personality traits from breeds in their family tree. Each generation passes along breed-specific and family genetic disorders.

However, unlike people, pets often do not show symptoms until a condition is advanced. The combination of these factors makes preventive medicine especially important in pets.

Orivet Genetic Pet Care has developed a unique proprietary algorithm (patent pending) of combining ancestry mapping, DNA markers and signalment data (age, weight, sex, geographic location and life style) to create effective, personalised medical life plans for individual pets.

The joint offering with PetPace, leverages advanced technology to dramatically improve veterinary preventive medicine.
Dr. Noam Pik, BVSc, BMVS, MBA, MACVS, CEO and Strategic Director of Orivet Genetic Pet Care, noted, The technology advancements of recent years are now starting to penetrate the veterinary world.

The synergistic integration of our companies’ respective technologies places powerful new tools in the hands of veterinarians and pet parents to deliver a higher standard of care.

Avi Menkes, CEO of PetPace, added, We are very excited to join forces with Orivet to allow veterinarians to provide a new service to their clients and better preventive health monitoring for their pets.

More About Orivet
A global leader of genetic testing in pets, Orivet’s mission is to safeguard their health and wellbeing with fully personalised, breed-specific care plans throughout their lives.
Orivet was founded on the premise that each and every pet is unique, with its own set of specific traits, behaviors, genetic health needs and inherent risks. We work with pet owners, breeders and veterinarians to provide completely personalised products and services that treat and care for pets as the unique individuals they are, taking into account each pet’s genetic makeup, age, weight, sex, location and lifestyle.
For more information, please visit www.orivet.com