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Calculation of a Physical Activity Index for Dogs Using Smart Collars

Calculation of a Physical Activity Index for Dogs Using Smart Collars Abstract. Physical activity is an important component of a healthy lifestyle and has multiple health benefits. We analysed biometric data of 280 dogs with accumulated 7,683 days to develop a Canine Physical Activity Index that applies accepted methods of assessing physical activity in people.

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Well-being in Animals

Well-being is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as “the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous”. Well, I guess the meaning is clear when it comes to people but how does well-being translates to the animal world? Can Fluffy be happy in the same way a human can? Is he healthy and prosperous? How can

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PetPace prepares to launch a $150 collar that continuously monitors your pet’s health

Anyone who has ever owned a pet has had one of those visits to the vet where you wish you’d gone in earlier. Something easily treatable may have gotten more complicated, or perhaps Sparky has just stoically suffered through more pain than he should’ve had to.A startup called PetPace is developing a product that could supply a

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My Dog Snores, So What?

Some dogs are purposely bred to have cute, short noses. Breeds like Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Pug, Boston Terrier, French Bulldog and the like, are becoming increasingly popular according to the American Kennel Club list of popular breeds. Most owners of these dogs know that they often have loud breathing and they tend to snore. A lot!

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Even Chronic Diseases Appear Acutely

Not everything we learn in school remains with us for life, but sometimes a random comment made by a teacher can make a lifelong impression. Such is the case with the title of this blog. I guess I remembered it because it represents a fundamental truth of veterinary medicine.

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Do Animals Feel Pain?

When I was a first year vet student our anatomy lab was just next door to the medical school anatomy lab. One day we had a visit from our fellow Med students while we happened to dissect a dog’s brain. I recall that one of the visitors commented in genuine surprise – “I didn’t know

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PetPace debuts $150 ‘smart collar’ for monitoring pet health – BetaBoston

BetaBostonPetPace debuts $150 ‘smart collar’ for monitoring pet healthBetaBostonAfter the customer orders the collar online, PetPace will contact the customer’s veterinarian to provide education about the system and set them up to receive its alerts. Veterinarians receive part of the revenue from the monitoring service, according …New Smart Collar Allows Pets to Tell Owners, Veterinarians

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Burlington company’s ‘smart collar’ can monitor your pet’s vital signs

Boston Business Journal / BY David Harris A new smart collar from a Burlington company aims to monitor your pet’s vital signs.The new “smart collar” from PetPace, which was founded in 2012, incorporates miniature sensors that “seamlessly, non-invasively and automatically” monitor vital signs like temperature, pulse and respiration. In addition it can track activity patterns,

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New High Tech Collar Monitors Pet Health and Behavior 24/7

Pet Radio Show Boston, MA. – A new smart collar that allows owners and veterinarians to monitor dogs and cats health 24-hours-a-day became available to the public Tuesday. The tech collar will be initially available in Florida & Massachusetts and later this summer in the rest of the country.

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