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Black Friday Deal: Give the gift of good pet health

Holiday shoppers can save up to $100 off PetPace health monitoring smart collars through Nov. 28 BURLINGTON, Mass. - PetPace, the provider of innovative health monitoring smart collars for dogs and cats, especially those that are sick or aging, announced today the...

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The Nifty Trick That Stopped My Dogs Alert Barking

You know why I didn’t name this article “how to stop your dog from barking – guaranteed!”? Because that’s a pretty hefty promise, and I’m not here to trick you into believing there’s only one method that will stop your dogs barking. I have no problem telling you exactly how I manage resource guarding around…

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Smart collar for dogs, cats enters European Union

Smart collar for pets now available to European countries - PetPace can detect problems with pets that may have health, behavior issues BURLINGTON, Mass. - PetPace, the provider of an innovative smart collar for remote continuous monitoring and analysis of pet vital...

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Yet ANOTHER State Makes It Legal To Bust Dogs Out Of Hot Cars

Another week, another state does the right thing and makes it legal for Good Samaritans to bust dogs out of hot cars. Vermont is the latest state to say that folks who rescue an animal — or a child — from a dangerously hot vehicle will be freed of civil liability. That means that you…

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The Deadly Plant You Need to Keep Your Dogs Away From

Foxtail grass is a weed that can be highly toxic for your dog. The seeds of the plant are able to travel far and wide and lodge themselves inside your dog’s ears, nose, and eyes. The seeds can even burrow into a dog’s skin, and the problem is that they’re really hard to see and…

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