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This Is What You Should Do If You Ever Witness Animal Abuse

<p>It’s extremely common to have someone postulate a hypothetical situation only to follow up with, “What would you do?” Many times, the response would be something to the effect of, “I can’t say for sure as I’ve never been in that situation.”</p> <p>We here at <em>BarkPost</em> recognize the importance of being not only educated but <em>prepared</em> for…

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The Most important Info to Put on a Dog’s ID Tag #Giveaway

Note: That Mutt is a brand ambassador for dogIDs. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a free ID tag for your pet. What’s the most important info to put on a dog’s ID tag? Let me know what you think. My pets’ tags are simple. Their tags include their names and two…

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What ‘Hairy Teeth’ May Be Telling You About Your Pet’s Health

By Dr. Becker A strange problem that veterinarians occasionally encounter while doing oral exams on dogs is a condition known as subgingival hair. The typical patient has a short, coarse coat (think Labrador Retriever, Beagle, or Bulldog), and the hairs are usually poking up from the gums around the canines, incisors, or the hard palate…

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How To Tell Whether Your Sleepy Pup Is Spending Enough Time In Bed

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of Jasper, the sleepy greyhound that is still waiting for his forever home. By the estimates of his rescue, Jasper has been overlooked by nearly 2,000 people in the past six months because he’s almost always asleep when potential adopters stop by. While this story is adorable, it does…

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Study Finally Confirms That Dogs Are Simply Better Company Than People

Finally. Actual empirical data to prove what I’ve been perpetuating my entire life: dogs are better than people. According to hundreds of pet owners nationwide, choosing between your dog and your in-law is a no brainer. Here are the facts: 61% of pet parents would end a relationship for their pet. More than half of…

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How to Choose the Right Puppy in Four Easy Steps

The vital questions to ask before you get your puppy-dog. You’ve decided it’s the right time to add a puppy to your life: you’ve got the time and energy and you can afford the bills (approximately $1,580 in the first year of a medium-size dog’s life, according to the ASPCA). And now it’s time to…

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