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PetPace News

Pets Vital Signs – Part 1

  As you might have already noticed, PetPace, the new smart collar for dogs and cats, monitors (among other things) vital signs. In this series of blogs I will try to explain the concept of vital signs and their importance in medical assessment and health...

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Smart Collar keeps track of pet health

abc Action News As pet owners, we all want to make sure our animals are happy and healthy. But how do you do that? New technology is enabling us to know how they feel even if they can't talk. Mike Orloff and his best bud Zappa are regulars at the vet these days. "He...

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New High Tech Collar Monitors Pet Health and Behavior 24/7

Pet Radio Show Boston, MA. – A new smart collar that allows owners and veterinarians to monitor dogs and cats health 24-hours-a-day became available to the public Tuesday. The tech collar will be initially available in Florida & Massachusetts and later this summer in...

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