PetPace VS FitBark: A Closer Look at Smart Collar Technology

PetPace VS FitBark: A Closer Look at Smart Collar Technology

As technology continues to revolutionize pet care, smart collars are emerging as essential tools for modern pet owners. Among the leading contenders in this space are PetPace and FitBark, each bringing its own unique features and benefits to the table.

In this article, we’ll delve into the innovations behind PetPace and FitBark smart collars. Whether you’re focused on comprehensive health tracking or detailed fitness monitoring, understanding these two products will guide you to the right choice for your furry friend.

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PetPace vs FitBark

Let’s Talk About Smart Collar Tech

Smart collars can offer a wide range of features for monitoring pets, ranging from simple accessories to high-tech gadgets with GPS, sleep monitoring, and health tracking.

PetPace is a AI-powered comprehensive health monitor that measures all major vital signs and health-related biometrics, including heart rate variability (HRV), temperature, respiration rate, pulse, calories burned, sleep quality, and more. It provides a complete holistic view of a pet’s health in addition to GPS tracking, offering a complete solution for dog owners concerned about their pet’s health. FitBark, on the other hand, focuses on fitness metrics, providing activity monitoring, making it a valuable tool for active pets and their owners.


What does the PetPace 2.0 Smart Collar do?

The PetPace 2.0 smart collar is the most advanced vet-developed smart collar for continuously monitoring your pet’s health. Backed by over a decade of research and training on millions of data points, PetPace provides comprehensive solutions for early disease detection, treatment monitoring, and a range of dashboards and widgets to holistically track a dog’s health status.

While other collars track surface-level measurements, only PetPace measures all major vital signs, including temperature, pulse, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, behavior, activity, posture, location (GPS), and our patented, revolutionary pain indicator.

“It is a dog’s natural instinct to mask their pain and discomfort until the disease has progressed. PetPace’s continuous monitoring of critical biometrics enables the early detection of health problems. Other smart collars measure only activity and location, which are insufficient to accurately determine a dog’s true health condition,” says Dr. Asaf Dagan, PetPace’s Chief Veterinarian.

The collar has a smart health monitoring system that uses sensors and machine learning to track and analyze a wide range of data points. The information is uploaded to a cloud-based system, where owners can access it using the PetPace mobile app.

The PetPace collar is beneficial in other ways, too. It is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, doesn’t bother the pet, and is tough enough for even the most active dogs. It connects seamlessly to Wi-Fi at home or LTE when outside so that owners can continuously track health changes anytime, anywhere.

PetPace’s technology has been thoroughly validated with over 12 years of research and used by numerous universities and law enforcement agencies worldwide. What started as an idea to help veterinarians improve the quality of care is now used by pet owners, professionals, and researchers alike.

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What does the FitBark Collar do?

The FitBark collar is a GPS pet tracker that’s tailored for fitness and basic wellness tracking. It provides detailed insights into a pet’s activity levels and sleep patterns. FitBark tracks metrics like calories burned, distance traveled, and active versus rest periods, making it a valuable tool for managing a pet’s fitness goals.

The collar’s design ensures it is lightweight, durable, and waterproof, suitable for even the most active dogs. FitBark’s integrated app syncs with smartphones and other devices, providing continuous updates and insights.

Users praise FitBark for its user-friendly interface, insights, and durability. The collar offers peace of mind with fitness and wellness tracking capabilities, making it a leader in pet tech focused on well-being and activity monitoring.

Comparing PetPace and FitBark

Now, let’s compare PetPace and FitBark in terms of tech, ease of use, price, and support.


FitBark’s collar is a top-notch fitness and activity tracker. It’s a go-to choice for those who want to monitor their pet’s fitness, activity levels, and location.

On the flip side, PetPace, while also equipped with GPS capabilities for locating your dog anytime, anywhere, is renowned as a life-saving health device. It excels in monitoring a wide range of vital signs at a high-frequency rate to help detect potential health issues before they would otherwise be noticeable to pet owners. So, while FitBark might be your go-to for fitness and activity tracking, PetPace can do both and also excels at monitoring pet health and early detection of diseases

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User-friendliness and Comfort:

PetPace ensures simplicity and comfort with an easy-to-use collar and app that prioritizes pet health. Its lightweight and durable design makes it a hassle-free choice. FitBark also offers a comfy, light collar for fitness tracking, and there are options in a variety of colors.

Price and Value for Money:

FitBark’s collar is more affordable compared to PetPace, making it a great option for those focused on activity and GPS tracking on a budget. PetPace comes at a premium price due to its in depth health tracking, disease monitoring, and GPS abilities, requiring a wide range of sensors. The value you get depends on your priorities – activity tracking with FitBark or advanced health monitoring with PetPace.

Pros and Cons of PetPace and FitBark Collars:

FeaturePetPace CollarFitBark Collar
ProsEarly Symptom DetectionDetailed Activity & Location tracking
Health MonitoringLong Battery Life
Disease ManagementUser-friendly App
GPS TrackingDurable and Waterproof
Durable, Tough, and Comfortable
User-friendly App
WiFi Connectivity
ConsPremium PriceLimited Health Monitoring Capabilities


Choosing between PetPace and FitBark depends on what matters more to you. If you’re only looking to track your pet’s location and activity, FitBark is the choice. However, if monitoring and logging your pet’s health is more important to you, then PetPace is the way to go.

Whether you go for PetPace or FitBark, both are great choices. So, pick the one that fits your pet parent’s style and enjoy the perks of having a high-tech buddy as your furry family member!

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