PetPace smart collar may assist in detecting timing of parturition in dogs

Breeders and owners of pregnant dogs are familiar with the challenge of predicting the exact day and time of whelping.

Knowing the due date ahead of time help prepare for the event, provide assistance to the mother, and intervene medically as necessary for the safety of both mother and pups. However, predicting the exact date and time is currently impossible.


The PetPace collar

Remotely and non-invasively monitors a range of physiological and behavioral attributes that may be instrumental in overcoming this challenge.
The continuously monitored attributes include temperature, pulse, respiration, HRV (Heart Rate variability), activity, and positions.
A study looking into biometrics of pregnant dogs through pregnancy and parturition reveals fascinating early results. Gradual changes in multiple attributes can be seen 1-5 days before parturition and acute changes are seen several hours before delivery actually begins.

These changes can serve as a basis for alerts that go out immediately to whomever is designated by the user.
Further investigation is required to comprehensively map the changes and provide basis for specific pregnancy and whelping alerts.
The PetPace technology may provide the solution that breeders had always hoped for.