Petpace Mentioned in the Press as One of the Best Pet Wearables.

One of the only pet wearables that work for both cats and dogs of any size

PetPace Multi-Patient View Enables More Efficient, Non-Invasive Inpatient Monitoring

New PetPace feature provides up-to-date vital signs data concurrently on one display from multiple pets wearing smart collar – enabling more efficient clinical veterinary inpatient monitoring. Burlington, MA (PRWEB) April 27, 2016 PetPace, the provider of an innovative smart pet collar for remote near real-time monitoring and analysis of pet vital signs and activity, today announced a

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PetPace Enables Early Detection of Feline Hyperthyroidism

Smart IoT pet health monitoring collar enables early detection and effective treatment of hyperthyroidism in an asymptomatic cat Burlington, MA (PRWEB) April 21, 2016 PetPace, the provider of an innovative IoT collar for remote real-time monitoring and analysis of pet vital signs and activity, today released the findings of a new medical case study. The feline hyperthyroidism case study, available

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Pet Tech: How The PetPace Smart Collar Data Is Improving Pet Health and Wellness

Imagine being able to continuously monitor your pet’s vital signs and activity by using a rechargeable smart collar and computer app. PetPace’s new technology now makes this possible. In perspective Mark Epstein, DVM, Medical Director, TotalBond Veterinary Hospitals, says this latest advance in pet care is crucial, since cats and dogs can’t tell us what’s

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PetPace Wearable Pet Health Tech Showcased on Canada’s Marilyn Denis Show

BURLINGTON, Mass., Dec. 9, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via PRWEB – PetPace, the provider of an innovative IoT collar for remote real-time monitoring and analysis of pet vital signs and activity, was showcased December 9 on the #1 lifestyle talk show in Canada, the Marilyn Denis Show. As part of the show’s annual “10 Days

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You Can Monitor Your Pets’ Health With New Collars (The Huffington Post)

The collars can check for a fever, monitor pulse and respiration and even indicate if your pet is in pain.  09/03/2015 06:18 pm ET | Updated Sep 03, 2015 LOS ANGELES (AP) — You can use wearables with GPS to keep track of wandering dogs. Others help you track animals’ physical activity. Now, two companies have the latest

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The Wearable Tech Revolution – Why Not In Pets?

Some analysts of the fast-moving tech world are claiming that we are currently witnessing the fourth major technological revolution of the computer era. The first was the invention of the PC, the personal computer. Next, it was the advent of the Internet, which forever changed our lives. And most recently, the third revolution was the

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PetPace prepares to launch a $150 collar that continuously monitors your pet’s health

Anyone who has ever owned a pet has had one of those visits to the vet where you wish you’d gone in earlier. Something easily treatable may have gotten more complicated, or perhaps Sparky has just stoically suffered through more pain than he should’ve had to.A startup called PetPace is developing a product that could supply a

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