PetPace Pet Health Monitor Vet Screen

As in human medicine, the trend in pet health care is towards remote health monitoring.  The owner and the veterinarian are able to see the pet’s overall health and are able to catch signs of disease long before they might show up during a single office visit.  

As the standard of care, the ideal type of pet health monitor should do more than show the activity level of the pet or their physical location.  Although the pet activity level is helpful in certain medical conditions, the ideal monitor is able to track physiological parameters such as body temperature, respiratory rate, pulse rate and heart rhythm as well as calories burned by the animal.  Successful prevention of disease requires this type of significant data collection.

What kinds of disease can be prevented by this information?  A fever in a pet can signify a variety of health conditions ranging from heat stroke, infectious disease (viral, fungal and bacterial), and chronic inflammatory diseases including cancer.  Rapid, very slow and/or irregular heart beats may signify heart disease, a shock-like syndrome from a bleeding cancerous growth and other conditions.  A pet suffering from significant changes in respiratory rate may have heart disease, respiratory disease or internal bleeding and other serious changes.

The days of waiting for your pet to show you that they are sick are OVER!  Thanks to home monitoring, the age of preventive health care has arrived like never before!

Dr. Janet E. McMahan