The PetPace Smart Collar

Continuosly Monitor Your Pet’s Health

Designed for use on dogs and cats over eight pounds, the PetPace collar uses non-invasive sensors to accurately and continuously monitor a range of physiological and behavioral parameters, including temperature, pulse, respiration, HRV (Heart Rate Variability), activity levels, positions, calories and more throughout the day.

Data from the PetPace collar is always accessible to pet owners and veterinarians via smartphone application for Android and iOS (web application also available for Pet+ and Veterinarian plans), and is continuously analyzed by a cloud-based analytics engine that examines individual, historical and breed-specific attributes. If the collar detects any abnormalities, an alert is sent to owners and veterinarians, allowing for prompt attention and treatment of the issue.

Health reports for any desired time period can be generated by the PetPace system and shared with veterinarians, specialists or kept as part of a pet’s medical record. Integrations with veterinary practice management systems are also available. The data from these reports can assist veterinarians in identifying new or underlying conditions, develop a baseline for new patients, track changes in vital signs and activity corresponding to pain, stress or disease and much more!

The sophisticated PetPace collar is lightweight and waterproof, and comes in three sizes that fit dogs and cat as small as 8 lb (~4 kg). The collar uses completely non-invasive, passive sensors, does not require any shaving or attaching and is designed to be worn comfortably long-term.