Revolutionary remote pet health monitoring tool now available in Australia through recently-signed partnership with Orivet

Pet Health Monitoring Collar in Australia

BURLINGTION, Mass.  PetPace, the provider of an innovative IoT smart collar for remote health monitoring and analysis of dog and cat vital signs and activity, today announced its solution’s general availability in Australia. The new distribution opportunity – aimed at offering veterinarians revolutionary tools for comprehensive, personalized patient care – came about through a strategic partnership with Orivet, a Melbourne-based leader in genetic testing of pets for building personalized wellness and prevention plans.

PetPace developed a smart, non-invasive, sensor-rich collar for the continuous monitoring of a range of physiological and behavior attributes (temperature, pulse, respiration, activity, positions, calories, HRV – Heart Rate Variability), combined with an alert engine. Orivet Genetic Pet Care, based in Melbourne, Australia, has developed a unique capability of combining ancestry mapping, genetic markers and signalment data to create an effective, personalized medical risk management programs for individual pets.

The reciprocal Orivet-PetPace partnership not only brings PetPace’s smart collar technology to veterinarians, animal care professionals and pet owners throughout Australia – it also offers consumers in Europe and North America access to Orivet’s innovative genetic testing and life planning tools.

The two companies are global leaders in their respective fields, bringing innovative technology to help veterinarians provide unprecedented levels of medical care for dogs and cats. The combination of genetic analysis with remote monitoring and real-time alerting enable clinicians to offer, for the first time, a comprehensive solution for the prediction, prevention and timely detection of medical conditions throughout the lifetime of a pet.

This is another step in PetPace’s continued expansion to prime pet markets following overwhelming global interest, said Avi Menkes, the CEO of PetPace. The synergy with Orivet’s products will now enable Australian veterinarians to offer cutting-edge, comprehensive approach to preventive medicine.

Dr. Noam Pik, BVSc, BMVS, MBA, MACVS, the CEO of Orivet Genetic Pet Care, noted, Technology advancements of recent years are now starting to penetrate the veterinary world. We are very happy to add the PetPace Smart Collar to the portfolio of services we offer. The synergistic integration of our companies’ respective technologies places powerful new tools in the hands of veterinarians to offer their patients a higher standard of care.

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