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A PetPace smart collar requires a subscription to our hosted services including:

24/7 monitoring of your pet’s health and well-being including your pet’s Temperature, Pulse, Respiration, Position, Activity Levels, Calories burned and more.
Alerts generated if a cause for concern is identified. These alerts can be set to be sent directly to your mobile phone.
Veterinarian access: PetPace partnered veterinarians can access your pet’s health records and view health alerts when there is a cause for concern.
Updates on the latest software for the PetPace collar and Gateway.
Access to online support.

Each of these features and more contribute to the functionality of the PetPace smart collar and are all part of the “PetPace Service Plan.


PetPace is proud to provide this special offer to supporters of the SynDaver Synthetic Canine campaign.

When your pet’s health is at risk,
so is your peace of mind

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The PetPace smart collar continuously monitors your at-risk, elderly or sick dog or cat.

PetPace keeps them safer and healthier, and you at more ease and confident.

Designed for health monitoring of dogs and cats over 8lbs, the PetPace smart collar continuously monitors temperature, pulse, respiration, HRV, activity levels, positions, calories and more.



Monitor body temperature – detect fever, heat stroke, hypothermia, etc. Link Text


Monitor heart rate – identify high and low pulse rates and irregularities.


Monitor respiratory rate to identify unhealthy changes.


Monitor your pet’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals.


Monitor the body posture of your pet and follow trends to identify pain, recovery from injuries, and more.


Track calories burned and help in weight loss programs and prevent obesity.

The PetPace collar provides early indications of changes in individual health status and alerts pet owners. This enables owners to consult their veterinarian to determine the root of the problem and provide timely relief before major complications develop.

PetPace smart collar lets your pet talk to you.

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With PetPace you and your veterinarian can gain more insight on your dog’s or cat’s health than ever before, and can even let you now if your pet is hiding a health issue.


This is a product that is going to revolutionize veterinary medicine, as well as enhancing a pet owner’s ability to recognize that their pet is becoming ill, the ability to have real-time, continuous access to pets’ vitals is undoubtedly going to save pets’ lives.

Dr. Teresa Lightfoot
Director of Bluepearl Science

The PetPace collar technology may be a first in our ability to provide real-time, objective indication of health and wellness of pets, thus improving medical care in the clinic or at home.

Dr. Mark Epstein
TotalBond Veterinary Hospital

Customer Reviews

PetPace provides me with peace of mind.

“Being able to keep track of my dog’s health gives me the peace of mind that I need to know that he is happy and healthy.”

“I love the idea of having the ability to watch and monitor my pet”

Jayne G. – Sudbury, MA

“It is really amazing, the collar allows us to pick up small changes that indicate that our pet is not feeling well.”

Marianne O. – Boston, MA

The App

The PetPace smart phone app allows you to remotely monitor your pet’s health and activity anytime, anywhere.

PetPace App

Receive continuous health alerts if there is a cause for concern.

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  • Remotely track your pet’s vitals and activity
  • Receive automatic alerts

How It Works

Step 1

Simply place the PetPace collar on your pet.

Step 2

Your pet’s health and activity data is transmitted from the PetPace collar to the PetPace Gateway.

Step 3

From the PetPace Gateway, the data is sent securely to our cloud database.

Step 4

You and your veterinarian can access the information and critical health alerts directly via the PetPace Smartphone app.


  • Bouncer has been using this monitor since his heart arrhythmia was first diagnosed almost a year ago.
    Just recently we were seeing if lowering his medication was appropriate since he had been symptom free. After about 2 weeks he became symptomatic of arrhythmia which was confirmed by the collar. We were able to increase his Calcium blocker while monitoring his pulse. Within 3 days he was in a regular rythym again. Without this collar we probably would of had to admit him to an ER for continuous monitoring while adjusting his medication. This Pet Pace monotor allowed us to monitor at home in a stress free environment. Not only was this a great cost savings but for me having home was a God send. Thank you for this product.

    Mike Griffith PET OWNER
  • My 12-year-old, rescued Golden Retriever is hypothyroid and has hip dysplasia. I use PetPace to monitor her pain levels, and to keep an eye on her general health remotely from my office. I noticed that even though her blood thyroid levels were in a perfect range, her body temperature and heart rate were running just a bit higher than those of our other dogs. I adjusted the dose of her thyroid medication, and she is now in the normal range.
    Without the information of real-time heart rate and body temperature, which were not provided by our previous collar monitor brand, I would never have known that she needed to be on a slightly lower dose. Thanks to PetPace, I think we’ll have this sweet old girl a lot longer!

    Dr. Rebecca L. G. Verna, DVM VETERINARIAN
  • Balou, our 18-month-old Golden Retriever has suffered from epilepsy since he was 11 months old. He needs 24/7 monitoring for this condition and for potential side effects of anti-seizure medications.
    PetPace gives us the extra peace of mind; we can now go out and leave Balou on his own. The PetPace smartphone app alerts notify us immediately of any increase in activity level at night that might indicate a seizure. The collar also helps us to detect abnormalities and changes in Balou’s overall health, in particular the HRV parameter that we use to decide if it is time to go to the veterinarian. Livia, United Kingdom – PetPace Customer since February 2016

    Balou PET OWNER

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