International Assistance Dog Week: How smart tech can help

Justin MayfieldPetPace News

BURLINGTON, Mass. – August 6-12 is International Assistance Dog Week and PetPace the provider of innovative health monitoring pet wearables wants assistance dog owners to learn more about their pet’s health. International Assistance Dog Week was created to recognize the devoted, hardworking assistance dogs helping individuals mitigate their disability-related limitations. The week-long celebration is meant to raise awareness and to … Read More

New Bio-Response technology transforms pet health care

Justin MayfieldPetPace News

BURLINGTON, Mass. – PetPace, the world leader in wearable technology for pets, rolled out the first phase of its new analytics solution for pet owners, veterinarians and researchers interested in better understanding the context and meaning of pet behavior and health. The new PetPace Bio-ResponseTM platform creates an association between events in the pet’s life with physiological and behavioral data collected by … Read More

Boy’s service dog saved by smart tech

Justin MayfieldPetPace News

Use of smart phone connected PetPace smart collar alerted service dog’s owner to impending cardiac episode   SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A boy’s service dog is alive and well after a revolutionary technology alerted his father to a medical emergency the dog was experiencing. While out on a date on Mar. 5, Michael Harr-Trueblood received an alert on his smartphone notifying … Read More

Remote Pet Health Care Monitoring

Janet McMahanHealth News

As in human medicine, the trend in pet health care is towards remote health monitoring. The owner and the veterinarian are able to see the pet’s overall health and are able to catch signs of disease long before they might show up during a single office visit. As the standard of care, the ideal type of pet health monitor … Read More

Pet’s Vital signs monitoring – Monitoring Temperature for dogs and cats

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Your pet’s body must maintain a relatively constant internal environment, called homeostasis, to ensure proper physiological processes. One of the main components of homeostasis is the temperature. This is the reason why measuring a dog or a cat’s temperature is always a part of any medical assessment. The finding of an abnormal body temperature, e.g. fever, is an indication that … Read More