Tampa clinic tested high-tech collar that monitors pet’s health

WFLA.com / By WFLA web staff TAMPA, FL (WFLA) – Many pet owners know how frustrating it can be to have a sick pet and not know what’s wrong with them. But, a new high-tech collar might be able to help with that. Tampa’s BluePearl Veterinary had a big role in the testing of the “PetPace Smart” collar. The collar monitors a pet’s health 24 hours a day and can send the pet owner an alert when there is cause for concern, according to BluePearl Veterinary. The high-tech collar has sensors that can monitor a dog or cat’s temperature, pulse and respiration, activity patterns and more. The wireless collar is available for purchase in Florida and Massachusetts now and will available in the rest of the country later this summer. “This is a product that is going to revolutionize veterinary medicine, as well as enhancing a pet owner’s ability to recognize that their pet is becoming ill before they start showing physical signs,” said BluePearl Science Director Dr. Teresa Lightfoot in a news release announcing the new collar. BluePearl Science conducted clinical trials of the collar. Additional features include the ability to build a personalized health profile for a pet and make health comparisons with other similar dogs or cats. It also monitors pets’ daily activity goals, calories burned and provides periodical health reports. Pet owners will also have the ability to communicate with other like-minded owners on a private social network. The collars cost $150. Monthly service costs $15. Learn more: http://petpace.com