You know why I didn’t name this article “how to stop your dog from barking – guaranteed!”?

Because that’s a pretty hefty promise, and I’m not here to trick you into believing there’s only one method that will stop your dogs barking.

I have no problem telling you exactly how I manage resource guarding around food because it’s a pretty specific situation. But when it comes to barking? There is no one correct method to stop all barking. There are far too many variables. Dogs bark for a bunch of different reasons, and there’s a ton of different methods that may or may not work for your dog.

So today I’m not promising you the world – I can’t guarantee to stop all of your dogs barking. But I can offer you a simple method that helps with alert barking. It’s one I call the “Ok, thank you ma’am” method.

So if your dog barks at stuff while staring out the window, or every time your neighbor pulls into their driveway give this method a shot. It worked for my “holy crap do you see that bird – he’s walking all over our mailbox!” dog, so it might just work for yours.

What is Alert Barking?

Alert barking is your dogs way of letting you know they’ve seen or heard something out of the ordinary. If your dog stares out the window & barks at everything that moves, or if he barks every time your neighbor starts his motorcycle he’s alert baking.

Alert barking is normal behavior for dogs – it’s a way for them to let you (and everyone else in the home) know that something’s happening. While it’s a completely normal behavior for dogs it’s probably not your favorite activity of theirs. But luckily you can cut down on a lot of your dogs excessive barking by being around to manage it.

The “OK, Thank You Ma’am” Method to Stop Alert Barking

Laika barks at every thing that enters the yard. Deer, turkey, cats, squirrels, leaves. All of it – if it moves she barks. It got a little annoying to say the least.

So rather than just yelling “shut up!!!!” across two rooms or trying to ignore it (neither method works at all) I decided to check it out for myself. What the hell was she barking at all this time? What was it that was bothering her so much?

Sometimes she was barking at something quite unusual like 5 deer chilling out in the backyard. A few times it was a cat or squirrel, but many many times I had no clue what in the hell she was alerting to. The yard looked clear to me.

After I started getting up off my lazy bum to investigate it for myself my dog was looking at me to find out what we should do next.

So I simply started patting her head & telling her ‘OK, thank you ma’am’ and walked away. And you know what happened? She quieted right back down.

How to Stop Your Dog From Alert Barking

Ignoring or yelling at barking makes things worse. For alert barking the first step is acknowledging what they’re barking at, and then giving them a settle down cue.

Why Acknowledging Alert Barking is So Important

So why do you have to acknowledge your dogs barking? Can’t you just ignore it and wait for them to stop on their own? Well you can, but it’s not very effective.

Acknowledging your dogs alert barking is the first step in figuring out how to manage it.

It’s a simple way to let your dog know “OK, I checked it out too and all is clear.” It’s acknowledging their instinct to alert to something unusual rather than just ignoring it. If your dog believes they are alerting to you to something odd do you know what they do when you ignore it? They have a tendency get louder.

I mean I know I get louder and grow more frustrated when I’m trying to say something important everyone’s just ignoring me. It’s nice to have someone listen and say “OK, thank you ma’am” every once in a while.

When Laika kept barking & barking as I just sat and pretended not to hear it I wonder if she was thinking “dude doesn’t this lady care that there’s a turtle ON OUR PATIO COMING RIGHT FOR US!?!” And since I just kept ignoring it she kept going – until I simply acknowledged it by looking at it myself and saying “OK, thank you ma’am.”

How to Stop Dog Barking

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This Method Won’t Cure All Barking

Remember that dogs bark for all sorts of reasons, and figuring out why is an important step to stopping it. This method words well for alert barking because our dogs are often trying to let us know what’s going on and it’s a way to acknowledge them. It’s a way to let them know everything is OK, there are no security breaches that need addressing at this time.

But if your dog alert barks when you’re not home? Well that’s a bit more difficult. Many dogs bark out the window at all hours of the day whether their owner is home or not. If you’re not there to offer them an appropriate way to handle the situation it’s not going to get better on it’s own.

Sometimes blocking your dogs access to the trigger (such as covering up windows) is the only option you have when you’re not around to manage it – unless you want multiple complaints by neighbors.

Barking is a normal part of dog behavior, so the goal is not to create a barkless dog, rather to be able to manage barking so that it does not become excessive and disturbing to us or our neighbors. – How to Curb Your Dog’s Barking

Do You Have Any Preferred Methods to Stop Barking?

Does your dog bark out the window at everything that moves? What methods get them to settle down? Do you acknowledge their barking or ignore it?

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