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Continuously monitor all the patients in your care, whether in the clinic or at home, with this state-of-the-art wearable technology. Receive regular updates on vital signs and health alerts.

PetPace Expert is a state-of-the-art system that for the first time gives veterinarians accurate, comprehensive and immediate information of all their patients’ health via smartphone and web-based applications.

PetPace Expert records and analyzes physical and behavioral information of patients, takes vital-sign readings every 2 minutes and provides real-time updates and alerts of any potential health-related problems.

PetPace Expert allows veterinarians to manage multiple patients simultaneously. Veterinarians receive regular, updated reports that analyze each patient’s vital signs, behavior, historical data, and alerts them immediately of any change that could affect the patient’s health.

PetPace offers veterinarians an enhanced revenue stream that at the same time improves patient care and builds loyalty.

Incorporate PetPace as part of your inpatient checkups and overnight stays, outpatient monitoring, and as an essential tool for owners who want the best life-long care for their pets.


Simply place the PetPace Smart Sensing Collar on your patient. Almost immediately, the collar collects vital signs and the monitoring service analyzes that information for immediate, up-to-date information on your patient.

PetPace Expert provides a new level of patient care without adding to staff workload.
Electronically and automatically monitors and analyzes vital signs every 2 minutes.
Sends alerts immediately via smartphone and web if vital signs change.
Monitors the vital signs of all your patients simultaneously.
Limits handling of aggressive or sensitive patients without compromising care.
Provides valuable insights to clinic care.



Monitor body temperature – detect fever, heat stroke, hypothermia, etc.


Monitor heart rate – identify high and low pulse rates and irregularities.


Monitor respiratory rate – identify unhealthy changes.


Monitor your pet’s activity – see changing trends; set activity goals.


Monitor the body posture of your pet and follow trends to identify pain, recovery from injuries, and more.


Track calories burned and help in weight loss programs and prevent obesity.


Monitor HRV (Heart Rate Variability) monitor any changes or abnormalities that could indicate pain, stress or underlying disease.


The PetPace Collar in Action: Quantifying Activity and Caloric Needs

Dottie, a 16lb, five-year-old spayed female Boston Terrier, was boarding at VetCare Harris Animal Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Her caregivers at the hospital noticed a gradual weight loss during her stay, despite her good health.

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Petpace Collar Assesses Pain, Monitors Recovery of Cat Following Surgical Eye Removal

Ben, a 10-year-old, 6-kilogram neutered male indoor Domestic Long Hair cat, was brought to Fergus Veterinary Hospital in Fergus, ON, Canada, with a severe eye injury. The cat’s left eye was protruding from its socket, ruptured, blinded and damaged beyond repair.

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Petpace Collar Detects Impending Canine Heart Failure, Monitors Treatment Response

Lucas, a 10-year-old neutered male Beagle, suffers from Chronic Valvular Heart Disease (CVHD). He is treated with Benazepril and has been wearing the PetPace smart collar long-term to monitor his condition.

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PetPace professionals help you implement the PetPace system in your clinic, providing you with ongoing support at no extra cost to your collar bundle package.


Monitor TPR continuously without patient manipulation or adding to staff workload

Every second counts
Immediate alerts to your smartphone or clinic dashboard if TPR values change

More control, less invasive
For fractious or aggressive patients, limits handling, stress and risk to staff without compromising care

Enhance practice diagnostics
Consistent practice-wide use of PetPace provides valuable clinical insights


Smart pet's collar measures biometric response to treatments, health-impacting events

Pet owners can also use the PetPace mobile app to track their pet’s health while using the PetPace collar.

Closer follow-up
Ideal for at-home post-surgery, post-hospitalization, or at-risk patient monitoring

Better case management
Immediate alerts to owner’s smartphone if problems develop

Eliminates need for extraneous owner handling, lowering risk and stress

Extends reach
Updated, accurate, reliable data helps evaluate progress and response to treatment, as well as providing valuable practice-wide clinical insights


Better diagnostic reach

Ongoing home monitoring can help detect disease and other health issues early on, positively affecting prognosis

Long-term follow-up

Ideal for pets with chronic diseases or at-risk animals

Keep in touch

Ongoing monitoring engages owners, strengthening relationships and growing loyalty

Pup wearing Petapce collar



Simply place the PetPace collar on your pet.


Your pet’s health and activity data is transmitted from the PetPace collar to the PetPace Gateway.


From the PetPace Gateway, the data is sent securely to our cloud database.


You and your veterinarian can access the information and critical health alerts directly via the PetPace Smartphone app.


PetPace Intro


Inpatient Care


Outpatient Care


At Home Monitoring



My 12-year-old, rescued Golden Retriever is hypothyroid and has hip dysplasia. I use PetPace to monitor her pain levels, and to keep an eye on her general health remotely from my office. I noticed that even though her blood thyroid levels were in a perfect range, her body temperature and heart rate were running just a bit higher than those of our other dogs. I adjusted the dose of her thyroid medication, and she is now in the normal range.
Without the information of real-time heart rate and body temperature, which were not provided by our previous collar monitor brand, I would never have known that she needed to be on a slightly lower dose. Thanks to PetPace, I think we’ll have this sweet old girl a lot longer!

Bouncer has been using this monitor since his heart arrhythmia was first diagnosed almost a year ago.
Just recently we were seeing if lowering his medication was appropriate since he had been symptom free. After about 2 weeks he became symptomatic of arrhythmia which was confirmed by the collar. We were able to increase his Calcium blocker while monitoring his pulse. Within 3 days he was in a regular rhythm again. Without this collar we probably would of had to admit him to an ER for continuous monitoring while adjusting his medication. This PetPace monitor allowed us to monitor him at home in a stress free environment. Not only was this a great cost savings, but for me having him home was a godsend. Thank you for this product.

This is Charlie, he is a terrier Chihuahua mix. He is 3 years old and in May we learned he had diabetes. I got the collar wondering if I could correlate any of his behaviors to some sort of indicator. I have been amazed at the outcome. Every night he will start to whine in his sleep and then wake up within minutes. Each time it has happened, and it happens several times a day, the Petpace collar has sent me a Low HRV (Heart Rate Variability) warning indicating he is under some sort of stress or chronic pain. I get up each time and walk him, he is usually VERY thirsty (due to the diabetes) and then give him a treat and put him back to bed.
In addition, something I did not think about but absolutely love, is tracking his activity during the day. I know from his patterns now when my husband has taken him out, when he has been walked, when he has eaten etc. All from my desk at work!!! I Love being able to know what is going on at home while I am remotely located.

Tonight my lil Angel LeiLoni had an cardiac alert on her PetPace monitor that was sent to my cell phone. I’m so grateful that I have this tool to monitor her MVD. I rushed home and was able to address the issue. This honestly is a life saving tool that in conjunction with her vet, will extend her life. Thank you and may God Bless you for helping keep our pups healthy and monitored.

Thank you for the personal attention you gave setting up the collar and following up on YT. His last few years were a lot of work and you helped make them a little easier. The PetPace collar allowed me to do a better job managing his care while at the same time making my life easier.

Balou, our 18-month-old Golden Retriever has suffered from epilepsy since he was 11 months old. He needs 24/7 monitoring for this condition and for potential side effects of anti-seizure medications.
PetPace gives us the extra peace of mind; we can now go out and leave Balou on his own. The PetPace smartphone app alerts notify us immediately of any increase in activity level at night that might indicate a seizure. The collar also helps us to detect abnormalities and changes in Balou’s overall health, in particular the HRV parameter that we use to decide if it is time to go to the veterinarian.”


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