Some analysts of the fast-moving tech world are claiming that we are currently witnessing the fourth major technological revolution of the computer era. The first was the invention of the PC, the personal computer. Next, it was the advent of the Internet, which forever changed our lives. And most recently, the third revolution was the introduction of the smartphone. Each of these 3 great inventions was ridiculed or dismissed initially. It is not easy to accept big changes or embrace brand new technologies that turn the entire playing field on its head.

The fourth major revolution, as it is claimed, is already happening. It involves the miniaturization of sensors and interconnectivity with mobile devices, and is commonly referred to as Wearable Tech. What it means essentially is that computing devices are now small enough to be carried on our clothes and our bodies.

Prominent examples of wearable tech devices include fitness bands such as Fitbit or Nike Fuel band, the Apple Watch and Google Glass. But the revolution goes far beyond these popular examples. Billion of dollars are invested and thousands of companies race to develop products that improve our lives in many ways, from health monitoring, wellness applications, personal communications and more.

Another particular field, in which this revolution is taking its first steps, is the animal care world. Since pets do not openly discuss their pain or maladies, and medical attention to dogs and cats is usually limited and requires cooperation by the animal, it seems that this field is prime ground for the application of wearable tech. Small, wearable devices can produce an unprecedented amount and depth of data regarding animals’ (including pets) health and wellbeing. Such data can be used to improve the health of individual dogs and cats through early detection of diseases and monitoring of treatment, and also to improve our general knowledge of animals’ physiology and behavior, which in turn will enable new insights into potential ways to make their lives better.

Come to think of it, why wouldn’t our pets as well benefit from the wearable tech revolution?