Want Your Pet To Have a Jolly Holiday?

How about a Jolly life filled with happiness, health, and longevity? No one understands the need to spoil a pet quite as pet owners do, especially during the holidays. We get it. However, what if spoiling them can be an investment in their health and well-being instead of immediate gratification? Or better yet, how about a combination of both?   This holiday season, no matter which holiday you celebrate or when you want to make your purchase, make a conscious decision to treat your pet with the gift of focusing on their well-being. In order to help prepare you for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or your last-minute holiday shopping if you don’t have time for the madness of long lines this year, we have put together a carefully selected list of the 7 coolest presents you can buy for your beloved cats or dogs to kick off this season’s celebration and provide you with the ultimate inspiration!  

#1 Dental Care Toys

Stew the Stegosaurs Rope Toy – by JAX & BONES

Dog Dental Toy | PetPace

 A heavy-duty chew toy that will make all of your pup’s biting, teething, and chewing dreams come true. This Eco-friendly toy is designed to turn into dental floss when it unravels and frays–so your pooch will get nice teeth cleaning while they enjoy themselves.  

#2 Interactive Feeders For Cats or Dogs

  These are a must-have for any pets who are fighting off the extra pounds to help with weight management for your indulgent cat or dog, but advisable for any pets to promote healthy eating habits and make their normal meals more fun and engaging.   IQ Food Dispensing Treat Ball – by Our Pets

IQ Food Dispensing Treat Ball | PetPace

 Fill with your dog’s favorite treats, encouraging active and healthy eating. Food and Treat Dispensing For Small to Medium Dogs.   Busy Buddy Magic Mushroom Dog Toy – by PetSafe

IQ Food Dispensing Treat Ball | PetPace

 Ideal Food Dispensing Toy for Larger dogs.   Catch Interactive Feeder – by Northmate

Catch Interactive Feeder | PetPace

 Keep your cat active, amused, and healthy with this interactive feeder.   BUSTER DogMaze Bowl – by Kruuse

BUSTER DogMaze Bowl | PetPace

 Provide your dog with this challenge to make snack-time fun!  

#3 Coolest Mat Ever

Coolest Mat Ever | PetPace

Cooling Chill Pet Mat – By Arf Pets   If your furry friend tends to heat up easily, then this refreshing cooling gel mat will get them feeling chill in a wag of a tail. The pressure-activated cooling gel works automatically in order to keep your pet feeling cozy. It can also double as a mat that provides relief and comfort for pets with joint pain.  

#4 Keep Them Hydrated

Auto Refilling Dog Bowl – by RPI

 Keep Them Hydrated | PetPace

 Make drinking outdoors hassle-free for both you and your dog with a doggie water bowl that refills automatically! This bowl attaches to ordinary garden hoses in addition to various outdoor surfaces and walls. It refills whenever needed, making it the perfectly convenient and healthy way for your pup to enjoy their time outside.   Portable Water Dispenser – by Gulpy

Portable Water Dispenser | PetPace

 Taking your best pal along with you on car rides and long walks is now easier thanks to this easy-to-store pet water bottle that transforms into a water dish when necessary.

#5 Health Monitoring Smart Collar

Pet Health Monitoring Smart Collar – by PetPace

Health Monitoring Collar | PetPace

 A gift for the long haul, the technology behind this advanced pet collar will allow you to monitor the well-being of your cat or dog right from your smartphone. It continuously collects your pet’s vital signs and behavior patterns and also analyzes the data, so you can view health alerts, and instant checkups, browse your pet’s vital signs and activity levels, and share the information with your vet.