Disease management

Embrace an always-on approach when managing your pet’s chronic illness with our Disease Management features. We designed our features to help you stay informed about your fluffy pal’s health condition and monitor alterations – aiding you in promptly responding when required.

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What does PetPace Health 2.0. offer?

With our smart collar, you can effortlessly and non-invasively monitor complex medical issues and manage chronic diseases. Access cutting-edge medical insights backed by over a decade of veterinary research to stay updated about your pet’s health. Receive pain level assessments and track their response to treatments accurately for optimized care.

Our Method

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Early Disease Detection

While it would be ideal if our pets could communicate their health status, they tend to conceal their symptoms. Thanks to our data pool and extensive research, we offer a resolution for timely disease identification, revealing all existing health concerns and possible future illnesses.


Optimal Treatment Design

Each pet requires a personalized treatment to promise optimal care. We provide a data-based response to treatment information to fit each fluffy patient’s needs and sensitivities to create the best-fitting care for each condition.


Vast Data Flow

Managing diseases properly not only requires activity tracking – but also comprehensively tracing physiological and behavioral data, such as temperature, pulse, respiration, HRV, posture, and more.. With PetPace Health 2.0., essential data streams regularly and ensuring updated health insights at all times.


AI Models

We run comprehensive biometric data from thousands of pets, employ AI and machine learning models to improve disease detection and management capabilities, and conduct countless scientific investigations of ailments – to delve into each condition’s specific pattern.


Personalized Programs

Tailored programs are crucial to optimize patient care. Gradually, we unveil Personalized Disease Programs for pets to enable tracking, identifying, and managing each condition. Our pain (OA) program has already been introduced, with epilepsy, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, pregnancy, and more in progress.

Our Features

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Medical Insights

Elevate your pet’s disease management to new heights by harnessing the power of our medical insights. You will receive personalized insights derived from our cutting-edge technology and comprehensive data analysis so that you can stay firmly in control of your pet’s condition.

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Health Profile

Leverage the power of our personalized Health Profile, an invaluable tool for detecting changes in your pet’s health status and behavior. This feature helps identify and manage diseases, as our system learns your pet’s biometric indicators over weeks and months. Our system then creates a personalized pet profile, and tracks and identifies anomalies among the data, differentiating between expected variations and significant shifts that indicate a potential change in the pet’s condition.

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Pain Level

Together with leading US universities, we have collected and analyzed data on hundreds of dogs afflicted with painful joint disease, resulting in a scientific model capable of diagnosing this condition with an accuracy of 85%. By closely monitoring the pet’s signs and data, our Pain Level feature enables us to predict the onset of this illness, enabling timely treatment and effective management to prevent pain and discomfort.

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Accurate Tracking

Once a chronic condition is diagnosed, you can observe and assess your pet’s treatment efficiency, allowing you to accurately track their response and make adjustments for optimized care. By closely monitoring their progress, you can ensure your pet receives the best treatment tailored to their specific needs, ultimately improving their quality of life.

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Wellness Score

Evaluating your pet’s general status and tracking their overall health and well-being is now a tap away. Based on AI data analysis of thousands of dogs, this feature helps you always stay on top of your pet’s wellness.

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Analytics Center

Our analytics center was designed to bring the most out of your pet’s numbers and data. Diverse trend analytics, comparison to other dogs, personalized insights, and leaderboard ranking – we deliver the data that accurately assesses your pet’s health.