PetPace Collar Helps To Improve Pets’ Health And Quality Of Life By Using State-Of-The-Art Technology

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PetPace Smart Collar Review 2024: Our Expert’s Opinion | Hepper Blog

When it comes to the health and safety of your pet, PetPace is one tool you don’t want to overlook. As a highly effective and accurate way to monitor your pet’s health, the PetPace collar not only keeps you up-to-date with comprehensive information about your pet’s health but alerts you the moment your pet is in distress. From early detection of illnesses to management of ongoing health issues, the PetPace collar acts as both a life-changing and life-saving device.

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PetKeen: PetPace Dog Collar Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion

PetKeen: PetPace Dog Collar Review 2023: Our Expert’s Opinion

If you’ve ever been worried about what your pet isn’t telling you, the PetPace collar is exactly what you need. This highly advanced device uses multiple sensors, AI algorithms, and over a decade’s worth of research and constantly growing data to provide a clear picture of your pet’s health and well-being.

By monitoring seven vital statistics and compiling data points to provide unparalleled insight into health and pain levels, PetPace tells you what your dog or cat can’t. This collar has already helped Ragz, and I know it will only prove more valuable as she gets older.

PetPace's Smart Collar Enters Mass Production

PetPace’s Smart Collar Enters Mass Production | Nistec

PetPace, a leading pet health monitoring company, has successfully completed the development of its smart collar and is gearing up for mass production. The company anticipates selling tens of thousands of collars in 2024, with an initial manufacturing order of 10,000 units placed with Nistec, a leading manufacturing group.

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“Petpace is a company awarded a project by the bird foundation which promotes innovation and business relationships between American and Israeli companies and the President & CEO of Petpace is here with me now.” Keep reading about our interview with ILTV >