PetPace Collar Helps To Improve Pets’ Health And Quality Of Life By Using State-Of-The-Art Technology

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Decoding Barks: Using Technology to Understand Dogs | Verdict

Smart collars for dogs are a recent invention that can help monitor your pooch’s health before any diseases progress. One example is PetPace, which tracks the dog’s calories, temperature, sleep quality, pulse, and several other ‘muttrics’. PetPace’s chief scientist, Asaf Dagan, told The Washington Post that the collar catches these metrics the minute they become abnormal and has a 90% accuracy rate.

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A Guide to AI Tools for Veterinary Medicine

Discover how AI is transforming veterinary medicine with our comprehensive guide to innovative tools. From imaging and radiology to client communication and clinical decision support applications, explore the key features, benefits, and pricing options of AI-driven solutions tailored for veterinary professionals.

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Vet-Grade AI-Powered Dog Collar | DVM360

PetPace is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of AI-driven wearable pet technology. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, the tech company has veterinarians, IoT professionals, engineers, algorithms experts, and data specialists on staff to bring the pet industry innovative products that revolutionize pet health.