Welcome to PetPace Journey

The purpose of the journey is to provide pet owners with a comprehensive health picture of their precious pets.

PetPace developed an artificial intelligence algorithm and uses advanced statistical models to turn thousands of data points from your pet into information that’s useful at a glance.

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What is the Journey?

Good things take time, and accurate, personalized analytics require a great deal of data. PetPace Journey guides you through how we collect and analyze data from your PetPace collar. 

Starting from day one, your Journey represents the milestones you and your pet get to with PetPace. You’ll see destinations that represent upcoming features that unlock when enough personal data is collected and when you can expect to use them.

How were the analytic features developed?

Our team of researchers studied thousands of dogs and cats from across the globe, looking at different breeds, ages, sizes, and health conditions. 

We used this real-life data to identify the most important factors of your pet’s health, then put everything into our analytics platform. Our proprietary machine learning and statistical models detect changes in your pet’s physiology and behavior and catch health problems early on. We can even analyze treatment responses specific to your pet, and predict potential health and behavioral changes.

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How does the Journey timeline work?

The longer you leave the collar on your pet, the faster you’ll move along your Journey.  Explore all the features and insights PetPace offers from day one while we collect enough data for even more advanced analytics. Note, the Journey time count is not calendar-based but relies on the days your pet actually wore the collar. Only days in which the pet wore the collars for at least 18 hours will count.  

Daily Messages

We’ll send you daily tips and messages as you progress along your Journey. Review the milestones you’ve crossed in the Notifications Center.

Questions? Tap on Support at any time to get them answered.

Good data comes to those who wait

Our analytics derive from large amounts of accurate and reliable data collected by the collar. These features gradually unlock from day-1 until 12 weeks of wearing the collar when all are open for use – from simplest to most advanced.

You can track this process on the app’s dashboard, where it is presented as a “journey” with milestones corresponding to the features that become available with time.