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Thanks to many years of research, development, and testing – PetPace is the only smart collar measuring such an extensive range of data non-invasively, anytime, and anywhere. Our AI-based collar collects pets’ vital signs and biometrics accurately and continuously, enabling early detection of illness, stress, and other health-related issues.

The PetPace collar uses non-invasive sensors to track all elements underlining your pet’s overall health and well-being. The key lies in the 24/7 AI health monitoring and analyzing system following their health status and notifying you if abnormalities are detected.

Unlike other products that collect only activity or location data, PetPace uses sophisticated AI models to analyze data relating to your pet’s physiology, behavior, and routine – and gives real-time updates regarding their well-being.

The craft of designing the PetPace 2.0 collar lasted over three years and was extensively tried on thousands of pets. The tests were performed collaboratively with leading American, European, Israeli, and Australian veterinary, government, and research institutions. 

The collar’s accuracy was validated by comparing its data to data coming simultaneously from various electronic monitors and manual measurements collected by veterinarians and trained veterinary technicians.

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Yes. PetPace 2.0 complies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) limits regarding radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic fields – following the same standards of RF exposure limits of mobile phones.

PetPace collars were designed with a veterinary expert’s guidance and were shaped to be worn long-term by pets. Our accumulated experience ever since 2015 has ensured a good fit for dogs of most breeds, , sizes, ages, and colors.

Battery consumption depends on the usage profile. WiFi is significantly more energy efficient than cellular. Therefore, we recommend connecting the collar to your home WiFi network and to other networks where the pet may spend substantial amounts of time, such as in an office, daycare, or relatives. Under normal circumstances, for an average pet that spends most of the day at home and takes occasional walks outside, the battery will last around 3 weeks between charges. Dogs that spend long hours away from WiFi will have shorter battery life. The battery is charged using a designated charger supplied by PetPace. A complete charge takes approximately 2 hours.

Running reliable, accurate, and advanced AI models requires data. Lots of data. To establish the data foundation, PetPace 2.0 collects your pet’s personal information over time for the models to work properly. Long-term follow-up activates more features and brings more accurate predictions. Read more here. 

Currently, PetPace collar uses WiFi or Cellular connection (BT will be coming soon). The following can prevent synchronization:

  • The phone or collar’s batteries are drained

  • WiFi is down

  • Lack of cellular coverage

If basic troubleshooting does not work – contact us for support.

To change the operation mode or data syncing frequency, open the main menu -> pet settings -> collar configuration -> collar operation mode -> select mode from the list.

The PetPace app supports multiple pets per household. You can buy extra collars (which we offer discounts on) and track them all from one account. Tap on the pet’s picture in the top right corner of the app to see your list of pets and to switch the view between profiles. 

Not yet… but we’re working on it! A version suitable for cats will be available to purcahse soon, and in the meantime you can contact us about trying out the Beta version.

Currently, it is available in North America, UK and Europe. Other places will follow soon.

You can find the collars in our online shop.

The PetPace Collar comes in 3 sizes – Small, Medium, and Large.

It requires no shaving and is designed to be worn comfortably by your pet for the long term. Follow the size chart to choose by weight or neck size measurements.

Size Weight(lb.) Neck Circumference(inches)
Small 8-20 lb
3.6-10 kg
Medium 20-60 lb
10-28 kg
Large >60lb
>28 kg

Inside the PetPace collar package are:

  • PetPace Smart Collar

  • Charging Cable

  • Power Adapter (only in the US)

  • Quick Start Guide

PetPace 2.0 is the redesigned, enhanced, and updated new version of PetPace 1.0, including

  • Revolutionary AI-based models and advanced analytics, bringing unprecedented insights and health predictions

  • GPS sensor providing accurate location data

  • New communication channels (WiFi, BLE, and LTE) to ensure real-time coverage anytime and anywhere

  • Improved sensors

  • Updated data acquisition and interpretation algorithms to provide even greater accuracy and reliability 

  • New, re-designed mobile and web apps

  • Brand-new charts and features

The PetPace 2.0 collar is lightweight yet rugged and waterproof.  It comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large, which weigh 60g/2.1oz, 90g/3.2oz, and 100g/3.5oz, respectively.

The collar requires no shaving and is designed to be worn comfortably by your pet for the long term, just like a regular collar.

Yes. The PetPace 2.0 collar has IP68 and IP66 ratings, meaning it can work after being submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for about 30 minutes. 

No, the PetPace collar is not intended for leash attachment. Pulling it with the leash may cause the collar to move or rotate out of its position and prevent data transfer.

PetPace collars come with a 1-year warranty. We believe in our product and want you to get the most out of it. If you encounter any defects, contact us about the issue.

Customers have 30 days from the date indicated on the receipt to request a return. Item must be unused with all components and in the original packaging and must include the receipt or proof of purchase.

How to return an item:

  1. Initiate a return by email to [email protected] with your request and reason for return. Make sure to send it before the 30-day period ends.

  2. Once the item has arrived at PetPace, we will inspect it and notify you of the refund status. 

  3. If approved, we will initiate a refund to your credit card account or the original payment method. The refund will be processed within 3-5 business days following the card issuer’s policies.

You can find detailed specifications here

The “Safe Zone” minimum radius for safe zones is 90 ft or 30 meters. This limitation is caused by the GPS technology. 

PetPace uses a global eSim embedded inside the collar. You do not need to do anything or subscribe to any service to activate it. 

PetPace 2.0 collar is dirt and dust-proof. If the collar gets dirty, salty, or dusty, it’s best to clean it with fresh water to get rid of any remaining dirt.

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Getting Started

  1. Open the package and take out the collar, charging cable, and power adapter.

  2. Connect the charging cable to the power adapter and plug the adapter into an electric socket.

  3. Connect the charging cable to the collar and leave it to fully charge.

Take a look at the Quick Start Guide inside your PetPace V2.0 box for detailed instructions and illustrations. 

A complete charge takes about 2 hours. The LED light turns green when the collar is fully charged, and 100% battery is displayed on the App screen.

You can download the PetPace 2.0 app from the Play Store or the Apple App Store.

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Insert the charging cable into any USB port. The other end should be connected to the back of the PetPace collar using the four magnets. The LED should turn to white (if the light is blinking blue the collar is ready to be paired with the APP).

  • The blinking blue light indicates the collar is in setup mode.
  • The constant white light indicates the battery is charging.
  • A green light indicates it is fully charged (which takes around 2 hours for an empty battery). You’ll receive a notification when the device is fully charged.
  • Once the battery is charged, place it back on your dog.
  1. Download the app and tap Sign Up.

  2. Fill in the required information, confirm the Privacy Policy, and tap Sign Up.

  3. Open the confirmation email and verify your email address.

  4. Your account is set and ready to go!

  1. Click on “Create Pet Profile”

  2. Fill in all required data


If you own more than one pet, create a new profile for each.


You can create and switch between additional pet accounts by tapping on the pet’s name in the top right corner of the dashboard, which takes you to “Pets List”.




Setup requires an active WiFi connection. 

Being near the WiFi router ensures a strong WiFi connection and allows you to register the collar’s default location accurately.

Charging frequency depends on the collar’s operation mode:
● If the collar is being used in the standard mode of transmission (every 30 min.), the battery lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.
● In the rapid mode (data download every 15 minutes), the battery should last for 2-3 weeks.
● In the intensive mode (every 2 min.), the battery will likely need to be charged every 48-72 hours.
The user will receive alerts before the battery is low, beginning at 20% battery life.

Yes. The collar will automatically run on cellular data without a known WiFi network.

Yes, you can define up to 5 WiFi networks per collar. The collar will automatically connect to known WiFi networks based on their proximity.

Yes, but it’s available only to veterinarians and researchers.

You can log in to the same PetPace account from multiple devices concurrently, so if a pet has more than one owner, they can track it using the same account.

Yes, you can create multiple profiles for each of your pets with a PetPace collar.

To switch between profiles, tap on the pet’s name in the upper left corner of the dashboard to get to your complete list of pets.

Go to the Contact Us page on our website to contact customer support. All support requests must include your account name, collar ID (if you have it), contact details, and specific support issue details.

The cones serve as acoustic concentrators that help us acquire the pet’s biometric signals. They are made of soft and pliable plastic and don’t result in any harm or discomfort to the pet, even with prolonged usage.

Insert the charging cable into any USB port when its end should be connected to the back of the PetPace collar using the four magnets. 

If the LED is:

  • White – The collar is connected and charging.
  • Blinking blue – The collar is ready to pair with the App and is in set-up mode.
  • Green – The collar is fully charged, and it’s time to place it on your pup.
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