We all heard the common sayings inspired by the cat and dog dynamic and the perceived aggression between the two vastly different species. We even heard tales about how they “don’t get along” and become territorial or potentially violent with one another. While these tales can be based in truth in certain cases, if you have a weakness for both feline and canine companionship, don’t let these old wives’ “tales” stop you!  

You can adopt a less aggressive dog breed or one that does not have a particularly strong chase instinct. There are also certain tricks to getting your newly adopted “frenemies” to live in harmony that are worth looking into, such as how to introduce them for the first time, what to teach your dogs as soon as you bring them home, how you can arrange the living space to make everyone live comfortably, or when human intervention may become required. As long as you do your research, look out for any distinct body language signals, and carefully monitor the situation, there’s no reason you shouldn’t make your dream come true and adopt both of the furbabies you always hoped for. Believe it or not, it’s not all bad. There are also some fantastic benefits that come along with a pet-diversified household.  

Saving two lives instead of one.

A white puppy and kitten | Petpace

What greater benefit is there than saving a life? By adopting both a dog and a cat, you are significantly changing the access they have to pet health care, nutritious food, individual needs, exercise and most importantly the amount of love and affection they receive throughout their life. You are for all intents and purposes providing orphans with a warm, loving family. If the ability to do this for two different beings instead of one isn’t significant then I don’t know what is. This in and of itself is a good enough reason to adopt both a feline and canine pet, despite the potential difficulties.  

Siblings! Don’t let your furbaby develop the “only-child syndrome”.

two dogs and a cat celebrating Christmas

Have you ever met someone who is incapable of shutting up about themselves? There are those people who are fun to be around, and free-spirited, but they just can’t seem to understand the concept of sharing or letting someone else be in the spotlight for a change. Don’t let your beloved pet adopt this personality trait! One of the best things you can do for your pet provides them with a lifelong bestie, a sibling, a partner-in-crime, someone to play with, need I say more? If you are a person who is often running around outside of the house, works in an office, or finds themselves incapable of being with their pet and meeting their needs at all hours, then do something kind for them and adopt another little friend who can spend that time with your pet while you are away.

More to love…double the snuggles!

Kitten cleaning dog | Petpace

This reason is pretty self-explanatory, but if you are one for snuggling with your pet after a long day’s work and enjoy cuddle sessions, then listen up. Imagine having twice the amount of warm and fuzzy snuggle sessions!

Safely date a cat OR dog person.

Girl hitting a guy with a boxing glove | Petpace

Although some of us are simply “Pet People”, which could arguably be the ideal situation in mixed households, many humans fall into one of two following categories:

  1. Cat People
  2. Dog People

This can be a cause for argument when “type one” starts dating “type two”, particularly if the dog person is not a cat person, and vice versa. A wonderful solution to this predicament, that leaves everyone (especially the pets) satisfied, is to adopt at least one of each! Ever hear of the saying “the more, the merrier”?! Adopting both species will allow you to avoid conflict with your partner or roommate. [Though we all know who wins, am I right?] Just think of family portraits next Christmas and the endless possibilities of Halloween costumes! Enough said.

Because let’s face it, what could possibly be cuter than this??

Golden retriever and kitten cuddling | Petpace

So..what are you waiting for? Go out there and start adopting! Your dream team needs you.