What are calories?

Calories are a measure of the amount of energy that foods will produce in the living body. Your pet’s daily caloric expenditure is an estimate of the total amount of calories that he or she burns during an average day.

What do calories have to do with dog or cat health?

The amount of calories a pet expends is determined by several basic factors, including age, breed, gender, neuter and reproduction status, health status and body condition (being overweight or underweight), and activity.

Monitoring the estimated daily caloric expenditure can serve as a convenient guideline for adjusting activity levels to meet diet goals – losing weight, gaining weight or maintaining proper weight.

How can Petpace help?

Continuous measurement of your dog or cat’s daily caloric expenditure gives clinicians and caregivers important insights into health status. The PetPace collar can help your veterinarian define and monitor a comprehensive plan for weight management, in which tracking daily caloric expenditure plays a major role.

Case Studies

(Examples for the use of PetPace calories data in real clinical cases)

Petpace Collar Instrumental in Weight Loss Management in a Dog