GPS for Dogs

PetPace can help enhance the well-being of dogs with GPS trackers through real-time location monitoring, location history tracking, safe zone alerts, and lost pet recovery mode.

PetPace Health 2.0

Do dog GPS trackers work?
Yes, GPS sensors are instrumental in facilitating real-time tracking of your pet dog’s location. These sophisticated devices serve to notify you promptly in the event of your dog straying beyond a predefined “safe zone,” enabling you to proactively address such situations. Moreover, they offer valuable aid in locating your pet swiftly in the unfortunate event that they get lost.

Can I put a GPS tracker on my dog?
The PetPace Health 2.0 collar incorporates an embedded GPS sensor, offering not only comprehensive health and behavior data but also real-time location information for added functionality.

Should you put a tracker on your dog?
GPS trackers prove highly beneficial for pet owners, offering the following advantages:

  • Real-Time Location Monitoring: Gain access to live location updates for your dog.
  • Location History Tracking: Review a comprehensive history of your dog’s whereabouts, providing insights into their preferred areas or routes taken by the dog walker.
  • Safe Zone Alerts: Establish a designated perimeter (safe zone) around your home and receive immediate notifications when your pet ventures beyond it.
  • Lost Pet Recovery: Facilitate a prompt recovery process by using the tracker to quickly locate your pet if they happen to go missing.

Is it dangerous to have a GPS tracker on your dog? Can I turn off the tracking?
There is no inherent hazard or risk associated with utilizing GPS trackers for your dog.

However, if you wish to deactivate the tracking feature for reasons such as conserving battery life, you can seamlessly manage this through the PetPace app. Simply navigate to Menu -> Pet settings -> Collar configuration -> scroll down to the GPS toggle, and adjust it as needed to turn it On or Off.

This provides pet owners with convenient and customizable control over the tracking functionality.

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