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Workout Score

PetPace Health 2.0

What does the Workout Score on the PetPace app measure, and how is it different from other pet trackers?

The Workout score assesses the physical activity a dog performs on a given day. The Index considers the Intensity and Volume of the activity, expressed in terms of pulse rate over time, to provide an accurate and quantifiable assessment of the true level of physical activity, above and beyond other pet trackers that measure activity only (without pulse). 

How does PetPace calculate the Workout score?

Workout is an activity that involves increasing the pulse rate. PetPace proprietary algorithm, developed together with Tel-Aviv University, gives points for each workout session based on two parameters – the length of the activity, and the level of pulse rate reached during the activity. To receive a higher workout score, the dog should either reach a higher pulse rate, maintain the activity for a longer time, or both.

Why should we be monitoring our dog’s physical activity?

Monitoring physical activity in dogs, quantifying it, and providing a numeric scale for comparison and improvement can be valuable in advancing dogs’ health and well-being.

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