PetPace Collar 2.0 - Smart Health Collar


PetPace Collar 2.0 - Smart Health Collar


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A new smart collar that allows owners and veterinarians to monitor dogs and cats health 24-hours-a-day became available to the public Tuesday.

The tech collar will be initially available in Florida & Massachusetts and later this summer in the rest of the country. The innovative wireless smart collar wearable device, developed and manufactured by PetPace, provides the ability to accurately monitor a pet’s health and well-being. Additionally, it can facilitate early detection of diseases and behavioral problems.

“This is a product that is going to revolutionize veterinary medicine, as well as enhancing a pet owner’s ability to recognize that their pet is becoming ill before they start showing physical signs,” said Dr. Teresa Lightfoot, director of BluePearl Science, who conducted clinical trials of the collar. “The ability to have real-time, continuous access to pets’ vitals is undoubtedly going to save pets’ lives.”

Early detection of disease and other health issues improves outcomes, enhances quality of life and significantly reduces disease-related costs. PetPace’s smart collar has incorporated miniature sensors that seamlessly, noninvasively and automatically monitor vital signs (temperature, pulse and respiration), activity patterns, positions, calories, pain, heart rate variability and other physiologic and behavior parameters. Big Data proprietary software analyzes the information in real time in the context of historical and breed-specific criteria.

A sophisticated rule-based engine supports data optimization by quickly accessing and cross-referencing enormous amounts of relevant information. If any cause for concern is detected an alert is generated to designated recipients. In addition to the early detection of health issues, the device is excellent for monitoring pets with existing health problems, or those at risk of developing diseases, to evaluate their condition, progress and response to treatment. The PetPace collar was developed with the guidance of expert veterinarians, representing various specialty disciplines of veterinary medicine, with the goal of providing owners and fellow veterinarians an advanced tool to extend the veterinarian reach and revolutionize preventive medicine.

“After three years of research and development, I am very happy and proud to be launching this great pet health product in Florida and Massachusetts,” says Dr. Asaf Dagan, chief veterinary scientist at PetPace. “This collar will enable pets, for the first time, to ‘tell’ us how they feel”.

Additional features include the ability to build a personalized health profile for a pet and enable comparisons with other similar dogs or cats. It also monitors pets daily activity goals, calories burned, and provides periodical health reports.

Pet parents also have the ability to communicate with other like-minded owners on a private social network. “Most importantly, our smart collar will give you the peace of mind that your pet’s disease, pain or discomfort, will not go unnoticed,” said Dagan. The collars cost $150 to purchase and the service is provided for $15 a month.

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