To make the most out of your PetPace collar, be sure to watch these video tutorials for step-by-step instructions on how to use the app. It’s the best way to ensure your making the most of the comprehensive and insightful PetPace collar and app and to assess your pet’s well-being effectively

Part 1: The Dashboard

Watch this to learn about the dashboard. This video highlights the journey section of the app. Including the data section, providing insights on health, behavior, analytics, and how you can best understand your pet’s well-being stats from the app.

Part 2: The Health Center

This video explores the health center section of the PetPace app, providing an in-depth look at vital signs and other biometrics, AI models, scoring, analytics, and goals. It covers various charts and features within each category, allowing users to analyze their pet’s health and behavior in detail. From pulse and respiration data to trends, comparisons, and goal tracking, the health center provides comprehensive insights and tools for monitoring your pet’s health.

Part 3: The Map

This video explores the map section of the PetPace app, showcasing the live location, pet tracking, the upcoming safe zone feature, and emergency ‘Find My Pet’ functionality for locating lost dogs.

Part 4: Notifications

Discover the notifications section of the PetPace app in this video, where you’ll find tips, alerts, and messages for optimizing system usage, battery updates, reminders for consistent collar usage, and the ability to track specific events like medication administration.