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A Guide to AI Tools for Veterinary Medicine

A Guide to AI Tools for Veterinary Medicine

Originally on Full Slice

Written By: Galyna Danylenko

April 15, 2024 | Artificial Intelligence, Veterinary

AI in Veterinary Medicine — The Complete Guide

Discover how AI is transforming veterinary medicine with our comprehensive guide to innovative tools. From imaging and radiology to client communication and clinical decision support applications, explore the key features, benefits, and pricing options of AI-driven solutions tailored for veterinary professionals.

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In recent years, the intersection of technology and healthcare has sparked a wave of innovation, transforming how medical diagnosis, treatment, and patient care are approached. Amid this transformative landscape, the spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown increasingly brighter. 

While AI has garnered significant attention in recent years, this technology has been in existence for quite some time. It dates back to the mid-20th century when computer scientist John McCarthy first coined the term in 1956. Initially conceived as an academic discipline, AI aimed to replicate human intelligence in machines. Over the decades, as data and computing power have exponentially grown, AI has evolved to become more accessible, affordable, and user-friendly, laying the foundation for its widespread adoption. This has led to AI’s penetration into every industry, including pet care.

The increasing adoption of AI among veterinary professionals is evident in a recent survey conducted in 2024 by Digitail in collaboration with the American Animal Hospital Association. According to the findings, 83.8% of respondents are familiar with AI tools, with 39.2% having already tried such tools in their practice. Moreover, 38.7% of veterinary professionals intend to implement AI in their workflows in the near future. 

Today, AI is discussed as a paradigm shift in how pet care is understood and delivered. It has already found practical applications in fields such as imaging and radiology, voice-to-text transcription, client communication, and health monitoring devices. As a productivity tool, AI holds promising potential to address issues such as access to care, client education, professional shortages, and even veterinary burnout.

The veterinary scene is buzzing with announcements of new AI-driven products and initiatives flooding the market, not only from startups but also from established corporations and academic institutions. For instance, Cornell University’s recent unveiling of Cascade, an open-source platform for running AI algorithms, which is already in use by College of Veterinary Medicine researchers monitoring cows for risk of mastitis. The university’s experimentation with AI continues as Cornell Feline Health Center launched CatGPT, an AI chatbot that answers questions about feline health, connecting cat owners with credible, science-based information. The chatbot draws information from articles from CFHC’s website as well as a database of abstracts from peer-reviewed scientific publications.

We’ve curated this guide to AI tools in veterinary medicine to help veterinary professionals navigate the world of AI, showcase existing solutions, and how they can benefit their practice. The companies on the list are categorically divided into groups, including diagnostics, telehealth, AI assistants, voice-to-text, and PIMS. This overview is based on publicly available data and information provided by the companies.

Catalog of AI Tools

NameCore FunctionYear FoundedFounder/Parent CompanyFunding RoundsPricing
DigLabsVeterinary advice
Client communication
2019Tara Zedayko, Co-founder and CEO$1.5M over 3 roundsFree for pet owners. Enterprise API and development/ product management services available.
DigitailAI Assistant
Client communication
2018Sebastian Gabor, Co-founder and CEO
Ruxandra Pui, Co-founder and CPO
Seed round: $2.5M (2021)
Series A: $11M (2023)
AI add-on starts at $100 per month
FidoCureVeterinary advice
Client communication
2016Christina Kelly Lopes, Founder and CEO
Benjamin Lewis, Co-founder
$15M over 7 roundsFree initial consultation; costs incurred for dog tumor genotyping after that vary based on the veterinarian fee.
Goldie VetVoice-to-text2023Katherine van Ekert, DVM, FounderN/A$150/user/month
HappydocVoice-to-text2023Emerson Smith, Co-founderN/AN/A
Precision medicine services
2017Jamin Koo, CTO, Co-founder
Sungwon Lim, CEO, Co-founder
$34.7M over 3 rounds.
Seed round: $4M (2018)
Pre-Series A: $8M (2020)
Series A: $23M (2023)
ImpriMed offers flat rates to all veterinary hospitals, which allows their customers to apply their own margin when offering services to their clients.
Maven PetHealth monitoring
2021Guilherme Coelho, Co-founder and CEO$4.5M over 2 roundsStarting at $99
Mella Pet CareHealth monitoring
Medical devices
2015Benjamin Seidman, Co-founder
Yale Zhang,
Co-founder and CTO
$250,000 from SharkTank’s investor Mark Cuban (2024)Pro version for veterinarians: $159
PetPaceHealth monitoring
2012Lior Abraham, President and General ManagerSeries A: Undisclosed (2012)
$24M invested in the development
$299 + subscription
PetriageTeletriage2016Allon Freiman, CEO$2.3M over 2 roundsStarting at $199.99 per month; free for pet owners with paid add-ons
PicoxIARadiology2020Emilie Boissady, Co-founder and R&D directorN/A$144 per month
RadimalRadiology2020Alan Weissman, Co-founder and CEO

Andrew Weissman, VMD, DACVR, Co-founder
Privately funded, including private investment from many veterinary radiologistsStarting at $5/case
ScribbleVetVoice-to-text2023Rohan Relan, Founder and CEON/A$150/user/month
SediVueLab testing2016IDEXXN/A$719.10
2018Lior Kuyer, Co-founder and CEO
Ben Klinken, Co-founder and CTO
N/A$75 or less per study
Stethee VetHealth monitoring
Medical device
2015Nayyar Hussain, CEO
$4.5M from private investors and an additional raise of $2.5M in debt financing$499
Sylvester.aiDiagnostics2020Susan Groeneveld, FounderSeed round: $30,000N/A
TalkatooVoice-to-text2019Shawn Wilkie, CEO
Aly G. Mawji, Co-founder
N/AStarting at $139/user on monthly plans or $1399/user on annual plans, with volume discounts
Vet Assistant AIClient communication automation2021Sean Delaney, FounderN/AStarting at $100 per month
Veterinarian Electronic AssistantDiagnostics and treatment planning
Voice-to-text transcription
Client communication
2022Patricia Porter, FounderN/A$299/veterinarian/month
VetGenusClient communication Teletriage Diagnostics and treatment planning2019Scott Woodrow, Founder and CEO
Powered by ABC Intelligence
VetologyRadiology2017Seth Wallack, Founder and CEO
Eric Goldman, President
N/AStarting at $200 per month
VetPawerOnline booking
Prescription refills
2019Jerry Savage, CEON/AFree for pet owners
VetRecVoice-to-text2023Pinhas Kevin Cohen, Co-founder
David de Matheu, Co-founder
Backed by Y-CombinatorStarts at $299/clinic/month. Unlimited accounts for veterinarians and technicians.
Free for nonprofits
Vetscan ImagystRadiology
Lab testing
Vetsie.aiDiagnostics and treatment planning
Client communication
2020Alex Chieng, Co-founderPre-seed round: CA$500,000 (2022)N/A
VetSOAPVoice-to-text2023Aaron Smiley, DVM, Founder
Jason Szumski, DVM, Co-founder
Virtual Vet NurseClient communication
Online booking
2020Steve Merchant, DVM, Co-founder
James Merchant, Co-founder and Head of Growth

Detailed Overview of AI Tools for Veterinary Medicine


PetPace is a smart collar for dogs that monitors their health and location.

petpace A Guide to AI Tools for Veterinary Medicine

AI Function

PetPace Health 2.0 collar, equipped with AI algorithms and non-irradiating acoustic sensors continuously monitors and analyzes seven key vital signs in dogs.

Key Features

  • Tracks heart rate, respiration, temperature, activity, sleep, and posture
  • Analyze the data to identify potential health issues and offer early warnings
  • The PetPace App integrates seamlessly with the collar for continuous monitoring.


  • Enables early detection of potential health concerns through AI-powered analysis
  • Facilitates comprehensive health assessment and timely interventions with detailed vital sign monitoring
  • Provides pet owners with peace of mind through continuous monitoring and timely alerts
  • Learns about the specific pet’s behavior and compares it to a database of other same-breed dogs

Click here for the continuation of the detailed overview of more AI tools for veterinary medicine on ‘Full Slide’.

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