PetPace’s health monitoring collar for pets helped a California man and his veterinarian learn about a health condition with his dog.

– MURRIETA, Calif.

Local retired Marine, Richard Kosh and his 11-year-old golden retriever Jolie are living a more carefree life thanks to an innovative health monitoring smart collar for dogs and cats, used especially for pets that are aging, sick, or at risk for developing disease. Kosh found Jolie at Retrievers and Friends of Southern California, a local animal rescue organization. Jolie was four years old at the time and had been surrendered by her previous family.

The pair bonded immediately, and since 2009, they have made memories playing, traveling, and enjoying their favorite Temecula-area wineries. At the Monte De Oro Winery, Jolie is popular among vacationers and the winery staff. While visiting her favorite wineries, Jolie can be found getting her belly rubbed, lapping up cold water, and munching on dog treats. In 2015, Kosh noticed that Jolie was beginning to slow down. She began tiring more quickly while out on walks and Kosh was curious how active she was when he was not at home. After extensive research, Kosh decided to purchase a PetPace collar to help monitor his dog’s health.

Thanks to PetPace’s smartphone alert engine, Kosh identified several issues with Jolie’s health including, low heart rate and low heart rate variability (HRV). He now recommends the device to anyone with a pet, especially those that are older or sick. Because of PetPace’s ability to track his dog’s health and alert him of sudden changes, Kosh was able to address the cardiac problems with Jolie’s veterinarian. Jolie’s veterinarian even has direct access to all of her health data in real-time through PetPace’s expert web app. “A number of people have seen the collar on Jolie when we are out, and ask about it. Everyone I’ve told about it thinks it is a great idea. When I show them the app on my iPhone, and a breakdown of the data that is being reported, they’ve been very impressed,” said Kosh. “I think it is especially helpful for people with older dogs, or dogs that have some kind of known medical condition.

If nothing else, it can provide peace of mind for the pet’s owner.” Kosh credits the dog health monitoring solution with giving him a better understanding of Jolie’s health and habits when he is not with her. “I really like that when there is an issue, I get an email from PetPace to check on her. I like the idea that someone besides me is actually reviewing data and taking action if there is a potential issue,” said Kosh.