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How do I send a collar home in outpatient mode with a client?

You can loan the owner a PetPace kit to install in their home for intensive follow-up.  To register a collar for outpatient monitoring, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that all components of the kit, including collar charger, Gateway, cords and power adaptors are sent home with the client.
  • Make sure that the collar you are sending home is fully charged and paired with the Gateway you are sending home with the client. This Gateway will need to be connected to power and internet during these steps.
  • On the pet’s ticket, click on “Assign Collar”. 
  • On the “Assign Collar” dialogue box, choose an available collar, then click “Home”, choose “Return Date” and choose the desired “Operation Mode”.
  •  You will get a reminder on the due date when the collar needs to be returned to the hospital.
  • Enter the Gateway ID (8 digit alpha-numeric ID located on the bottom of the Gateway) that you will be sending home with the client.
  • The system will now run a check to make sure that the collar is paired with the associated Gateway and that there are no other issues. If there is an issue with pairing or other, you will receive an error message and support will be notified.
  • Enter the owner name and email. The owner will receive instructions via email on how to download the pet owner mobile application and login. Note: in Outpatient Mode, the owner will not be able to edit their pet information via the mobile application.
  • Under “Notification Settings”, choose which alerts to activate, enter the owner contact info as the recipient of the alerts, and indicate how those alerts should be sent.
  • Provide the owner with:
  1.  the PetPace Information Sheet
  2.  the QIG – quick installation guide
  3. the Pet Owner Troubleshooting Guide

NOTE:  If the pet is already in the hospital with a collar on, it is essential to remove that collar from the patient’s profile. Then, reassign the collar at which point, you will indicate that it is for HOME use and follow these outpatient assignment steps. This process will ensure that an email with login and password information be sent to the owner and that all system checks for outpatient use are followed to avoid any owner confusion. SUPPORT: If the owner experiences any issues with the PetPace system once at home, please feel free to have them reach out for assistance via our “CONTACT US” tab on the website. They should include the clinic name, pet name and collar ID when requesting support.

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