What is pairing?

    Pairing is the process in which two devices (the collar and Gateway) establish trusted communication. Pairing between the collar and Gateway will happen automatically during first-time activation of the collar. When the collar is activated for the first time, it automatically looks for a nearby Gateway and establishes communication with it. This process happens only once, during the first-time activation of the collar.

    When is it needed?

    If you have more than one Gateway installed in your clinic and you want your collars to communicate with all of them, you will need to “add” these Gateways to the collar’s memory. This process should be repeated manually for every collar and every Gateway after the first one.

    How do I pair a PetPace collar with a Gateway?

    To perform pairing of Gateway and collar, follow these steps:

    1. Make sure that the collar battery is at least 30% charged, and that the collar is turned ON. 2. Bring the collar to within 10 feet of the respective Gateway. 3. Make sure the gateway is connected to power and to the Internet (bottom and middle LED lights on the Gateway are ON in green). 4. Turn the collar OFF by pressing and holding the black button on the front of the collar for about 8 seconds, until you see two red lights from the collar LED. 5. Press and hold the collar’s button again for about eight seconds until you see a series of green-red lights (a.k.a. “Disco Lights”). The collar is now pairing with the gateway. Note: when you press and hold the collar’s button for the second time you will see two green blinks from the LED after about two seconds, which means the collar is turned ON. Do NOT stop pressing the button. Please continue to press and hold until you see the series of green-red lights, then you may release. 6. The top orange LED on the Gateway should be ON, indicating that it is now communicating with the collar. Repeat the process for every collar and every Gateway that need to communicate.

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