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Vet-Grade AI-Powered Dog Collar | DVM360

DVM 360 // March 5, 2024

Sydney Yankowicz, Assistant Editor

Remote monitoring gives owners data points and analytics on their dog’s health

PetPace is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of AI-driven wearable pet technology. Based in Burlington, Massachusetts, the tech company has veterinarians, IoT professionals, engineers, algorithms experts, and data specialists on staff to bring the pet industry innovative products that revolutionize pet health. Its new product, PetPace 2.0, is an AI-powered dog collar displaying continuous, real-time medical insights on the pet wearing the collar. Data collected can be used for early detection, treatment, monitoring, and GPS tracking.1

The PetPace 2.0 was created to give owners peace of mind with its remote monitoring features and allow them to stay on top of their pet’s health and check for any abnormalities. The smart collar can measure all major vital signs and health-related biometrics, including the following:1

  • Internal temperature
  • Pulse
  • Respiratory rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Behavior tracking
  • Sleep quality
  • Activity (calories burned)
  • Posture

“It is a dog’s natural instinct to mask their pain and discomfort until the disease has progressed,” said Asaf Dagan, DVM, DAVBP, CVA, and co-founder of PetPace, in a company release.

“PetPace’s proprietary continuous monitoring of critical biometrics enables the early detection of health problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Other smart collars measure only a few vital signs, which are insufficient to accurately determine a dog’s overall wellness or early warning signs.”1

After more health data is collected, the PetPace 2.0 collar can also provide a wellness score for owners to review. According to the release, this product is clinically backed by several studies and endorsed by university research.1 One study published in Frontiers in Pain Research studied the PetPace collar in relation to osteoarthritis (OA) and its benefits in detecting the signs of OA in dogs.2

“Tracking trends and changes across a range of health indicators can alert an owner when something is wrong with their pet’s health, prompting them to bring their dog to a veterinarian before the situation becomes more serious. It also enables the veterinarian to remotely assess the pet’s condition using objective and accurate in its natural setting,” Dagan added.1
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Moli, a 4-year-old spayed female Siberian Husky sustained injuries from a car accident after running into the road on the evening of November 11, 2023. The PetPace 2.0 collar she was wearing recorded the pain and discomfort she experienced during her injury and recovery. Moli suffered scraping wounds and bruises on her left hind leg and inner thigh, and her treatment included antibiotics and painkillers. Following treatment, Moli improved and returned to normal behavior and activity within a few days. The collar was able to accurately document both the acute injury and the gradual improvement.3

“This case underscores the accuracy and value of the PetPace collar in detecting health issues quickly, followed by tracking treatment efficacy and eventual recovery and return to normal levels,” said Dagan.3

Moli’s owner, Ayelet Ben-Zvi stated,

“Seeing Moli’s vitals helped us monitor her condition in the hours after the injury, making sure she is not in a life-threatening situation, and then giving us peace of mind in knowing that her recovery is moving forward as expected.”3

AI smart collars are available on the PetPace website.


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